5 most popular sports in the world

Football (about 3.5 billion people). Football has simple and easy rules to play. This helps football become the most popular sport in the world. Football grows at a very fast pace and has wide coverage throughout the planet. Currently, cities in the world often have one or several teams of their own. Every match is… Read More »

Amazing benefits of volleyball to players

From the characteristics of volleyball, volleyball teaching and training has an influence and a good effect on players. Volleyball training and competition is also a process of training and fostering people comprehensively about power – psychology, consciousness and collective spirit, perseverance and courage. Below are some benefits of this interesting sport. Keeping fit and staying… Read More »

Baseball – “KING” sport in Japan

In Japan, football is a sport that receives a lot of attention and develops very quickly. However, this is not the most popular sport in Japan. The sport that attracts the largest number of fan here is baseball. Overview of Japanese baseball history Japan’s professional baseball tournament started in 1937. However, baseball was known in… Read More »

World’s Top 4 Dangerous Sport

The adventure sports below are only for those who are passionate about adventure and are willing to challenge! Speed ​​skating on the volcanic slopes Gliding down from the 714m high volcano at a speed of 50 mph with just a protected skateboard! This is considered one of the most adventurous sports. Thousands of visitors arrive… Read More »