Salah rebelled in Liverpool

The interview in a frustrating mood with Spanish media of Mohamed Salah left the Liverpool leadership unsatisfied.
According to the Telegraph, the Egyptian striker is unhappy at Liverpool after not being selected as captain of “The Kop” in the match against Midtjylland in the final Champions League match.

Captain Jordan Henderson started the game on the bench, vice captains James Milner and Virgil van Dijk were injured and Salah believed he would be selected as captain. However, coach Jurgen Klopp chose Trent Alexander-Arnold for the captain’s position, and this disappointed Salah.

Salah started the match with Crystal Palace on the bench. Photo: Getty
Sharing with AS, Salah admitted: “I am disappointed. I expect I will be the captain, but it is the decision of the coach, and I have to accept this”.

Not only that, Salah also left open the possibility of leaving Liverpool when he answered the question of whether to move to Spain to play football as follows: “I think Real Madrid and Barca are the top clubs. No one knows what will be. In the future, however, I want to focus on winning the Premier League and Champions League with Liverpool again.

Talking about how long he will stay in Liverpool, Salah left open: “This is a difficult question, but now everything is up to Liverpool’s decision. Of course, I want to stay and break the records, I emphasize, breaking all the club records, but everything is up to Liverpool.

This interview was published on the morning of December 19 (local time), and is believed by the Telegraph to make Liverpool’s leadership unhappy. The appearance in one of Spain’s best-selling newspapers was the springboard for Salah to pressure to leave.

“The Kop” put Salah on the bench against Crystal Palace. Coach Klopp chose the following explanation: “Salah is in this match. All have played too many games. He can go in the backyard and make a difference. We want every player to contribute.”

Salah ‘s replacement in the match against Crystal Palace, Takumi Minamino, was the one who opened the scoring for Liverpool in the second minute. Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino continuously scored to “The Kop” to lead Crystal Palace 3-0 after the first half.

Arsenal’s record-expensive star continued to slide

Nicolas Pepe faced the risk of being on the bench for a long time after an act of distraction in the 0-0 draw against Leeds United on the morning of November 23.

“Now what about Pepe? Arsenal’s £ 72m signing faces a long way to go back after a crazy moment at Leeds United,” said Charles Watts, a big headline on Goal.

Pepe kicked his own chance
Arsenal strategist Mikel Arteta was dumbfounded when he saw referee Anthony Taylor watching the VAR screen. Arsenal captain seems to know what will happen to Pepe like everyone else.

It is only a matter of time until referee Taylor pulls out a red card for Pepe. The Ivory Coast player pretended to be shocked at the decision of the “Black King”. That makes no sense.

But that’s not what the worst happened to Pepe. Former midfielder Lille “kicked” the chance to score with coach Mikel Arteta. The scenario of Pepe having to sit on the bench after the suspension ends is gradually appearing.

Pepe is still a little bit lucky when Arsenal found a 0-0 draw against Leeds United. However, that most likely does not change coach Mikel Arteta’s plan to use personnel, who has suffered a lot of pressure related to having Pepe start.

During a trip to West Yorkshire, the Spaniard responded to what the home team fans wanted. He put Pepe in the starting lineup, but the winger disappointed his teacher.

Pepe destroys the best that he has created before having to receive a red card. He had a situation of speed dribbling on the left wing, before making a dangerous cross in.

However, Pepe’s crazy moments will make fans remember forever and forget the value he brought to “Gunners”. Goal commentary blockbuster £ 72 million will face a real battle to regain confidence from coach Mikel Arteta in the near future.

The escape between man United and Chelsea

In the third round of the Premier League 2020/21, Man United and Chelsea both escaped thanks to goals scored in compensatory minutes.

The third round of the Premier League 2020/21 had dramatic matches on the first day of the match, with the focus on the two big guys Man United and Chelsea. These two matches, although they have different scores, but share the same scenario.

That was the last-minute goal. However, despite the same scenario, the two teams showed clearly different signs.

Man United have always been lucky?
The match against Brighton will go into the history of the VAR when the referee blows to the end of the match, but still changes his decision to refer to the VAR and give Man United the chance to have 3 points. Under the rules of FIFA, referee Chris Kavanagh did not make a mistake.
Accuracy is more important for granted in this industrial football age. A goal is not small at all if it is the decisive factor at the end of the season, especially the ranking of the European Cup. Losing a goal, sometimes dragging the club away tens of millions of pounds the following season. Therefore, the correctness is to re-establish the “market fairness” for football investors.
However, the accuracy of the above law is wrong with football rules for hundreds of years. For more than a century, audiences have been accustomed to the fact that when the whistle ends a match, that means closing the script, not editing, not changing. However, it is clear that referee Kavanagh broke that rule. Basically, the “time limit” story in FIFA’s law on VAR is still lax and ambiguous.

Certainly, there will have to be more detailed adjustments so that this “no time limit” will be shortened within the date of the match or how many hours after the whistle ends the match. In general, teams can completely complain about the results from the 2018 World Cup,

However, that is the story of FIFA. What is more interesting is the story of Man United. In their resurrection scenario against Brighton, what signs are they leaving?

First, still have to mention the defense. The defense line of Man United was broken, there was no good communication between the four defenders, it had no connection with the midfield. However, the most to blame person in the defense must be Maguire with inherent weaknesses: slow, clumsy maneuvering, weak hand-to-hand disputes and inaccurate passing.

The modern center-back is defined differently than it was 20 years ago. Defensive qualities are taken for granted, and a center-back with only good defensive qualities is enough to be considered fairly average. The midfielder’s requirement now must also be the ability to pass the ball at all distances. And Maguire, before Brighton, did not have good passes for Man United to organize the game right from the home (build from back).

Second, midfield continues to be a disaster. Paul Pogba played soulless, unworthy of being one of Man United’s most expensive midfielders.
In defensive support, the midfield was poor, in the organization of the midfield was also ungainly when it did not fulfill the task of rotating and coordinating the ball. Fred did not go into the field much better. And in the match Bruno Fernandes was not in his best form, Man United became completely useless.

Solskjaer’s problem is also a backup factor to change tactics when it is difficult. The fact that he put Van de Beek and Bailly in place of Martial and Greenwood to turn to play 3-4-2-1 was almost ineffective. Although United eventually won the match, the pressure they put on their opponents after the substitution was not at all obvious. To be blunt, they win by luck, something they’ve been “assigned” to for so long.

Luck does not stay forever. If at Man United there are no positive changes in every person, from head coach to player, their future will be full of risks and uncertainties. This is a really worrying sign and if the progress of their season continues like this, it will not be far from “counting the number of games remaining” for Solskjaer.

4 Chelsea players tested positive for COVID-19

The pre-season training of coach Lampard and his students were affected because many members of the main squad were positive for the corona virus.

Before the Premier League entered the new season, club members and coaching staff had to test Covid-19. Chelsea confirmed their four players have been quarantined after the test.

Chelsea’s plans to prepare for the new season are being turned upside down as many players have been found positive for the corona virus. Daily Mail revealed that at least four players are being quarantined by the West London club to avoid infecting the rest of the team of coach Frank Lampard. According to The Times, the identities of these players have not been revealed.

Chelsea players have been on vacation in many parts of the world after the season ended. This is the main cause of infection by some people.

A series of Premier League clubs such as Sheffield United, West Ham, Brighton also discovered nCoV infected players after the test last weekend. 14 cases in 12 different teams had to be quarantined after the break.

Chelsea is a team that is active in the transfer market this summer. Coach Lampard has just welcomed the appearance of left-back Ben Chilwell. The Blues spent 55 million euros to complete the deal with Leicester City, thereby turning Chilwell into the most expensive defender in the history of Stamford Bridge.

In the next few days, Chelsea is expected to welcome another rookie in the defense, Thiago Silva. The Brazilian midfielder is preparing to be in London to conduct a medical examination, before he signed on to a contract with a term of 2 years.

Before that, Chelsea had two quality additions to the public goods, striker Timo Werner (53 million euros) and midfielder Hakim Ziyech (40 million euros).

The Daily Mail confirmed that Chelsea’s preparations for the new season were mixed after a few names were quarantined.

How to become a good sports coach (part 2)

  1. Pay attention to both soft and hard skills

At one time or another, we all seem to support or hide when a very good professional colleague brings trouble to us in a bad way. To become a good coach, you must point out this clearly.

Managers are sometimes hesitant to direct someone too inert, passive, incapable of solving problems, or other things, because they always feel they’re not clear enough, authentication to discuss. However. A successful work environment depends on a lot of things, not simply a place to do the job.

Your coach’s role is to help people develop all the skills they need, not just professional skills.

  1. As a supportive leader for the players

Former business management and ethics expert Robert Greenleaf coined the term servant leadership to describe the path leaders and coaches must treat their followers to turn them into the most effective assistants.

If your team doesn’t serve you the way you want them to, ask yourself: How well have I treated them?

  1. Prepare for each tactical meeting

When starting a training job, the flight will not mean anything. Instead, think about what you’re about to say before saying it out. If you want to critique – try to use the language where you find yourself stuck or things you can make a difference to.

Again, it is not about judging a person, but trying to get them into the game field and help them do their best.

  1. Ethical responsibility

A coach must understand the ethics and professional standards of coaching, as well as put into practice the theological theological principles of the profession. In this sense, it is not only valuable to know these rules, but they must also be applied daily to professional practice.

  1. Start when needed
    Coaches are personal development experts and not psychologists that provide psychotherapy (except for some who are also clinical psychologists). It is possible to introduce your player to another expert if necessary.

How to become a good sports coach? (part 1)

The essence of excellent training depends on the 8 basic tips below.

  1. It all depends on the relationship

You cannot train if you do not take the time to build a strong relationship with your team. So every day take a certain amount of time to get to know the team members. Pay attention to hobbies and things they hate at work, what makes them frustrated or excited, interests outside of work, and let them understand you. You will be well paid for the time you spend doing these things.

  1. Always obey the 7: 1 rule

Seven clear feedback must be made for each constructive feedback you receive, or you’ll be considered overly critical. Choose the right time when people are good at something and cheer them up with compliments, even if they’re just doing what they are paid to do.

  1. Clearly express your expectations

When you hand someone a project, discuss the deadline, the outcome, and how successful it is. Never hope everyone can read your mind.

  1. Speak out directly when you realize that any behaviors may be improved

Note that the senior sports coaches of the league never wait until the end of the season or even the end of the game to train the players. They train right after each play and turn.

If you give the guide regularly and reasonably, the review of lousy performances will only be formal, because you have really worked on developing the staff throughout the year.

  1. Train everyone on the playing field

A workplace is like a playing field with rules, boundaries and strategies. Your job is to make sure the players are on the court and not beyond the boundaries. The key here is to focus on helping each person achieve success.

For example, let us mention one of the salespeople who spends a lot of time fixing technical problems for customers, but does not fulfill sales targets. You can remind him that while solving such problems is necessary, the final goal here is to sell the product. Encourage him to contact a more competent colleague to find out how smoothly the job is done.

Lee Chong Wei: Badminton king without a crown

Once again Lee Chong Wei was very close to the world championship, but once again he was found standing on the left podium receiving the runner-up. The corners of Lee’s eyes were teary and teary as he watched his opponent win the world championship for the fourth time.

Having been in badminton since the age of 11, Lee Chong Wei quickly showed his natural talent just 6 years later when he was called to recruit Malaysia. In the career star born in 1982 won 57 titles in the tournament (Grand Prix Gold until Super Series). However, championships in other noble events like the Olympics or the world championships always avoid him.

Lee Chong Wei is the player who holds the record for leading the number of weeks at the No. 1 position in the world (298 weeks). However, Lee has always been considered the unremarkable king without winning trophies at the Olympics and Worlds.

Statistics show that Lee has made it to the world finals four times and twice to the final match of the Olympics, but all those six times were just his extreme disappointment. The person considered to be Lee’s biggest opponent in his career was none other than Lin Dan.

Chinese badminton legend, Super Dan is regarded as the badminton village. He does not often play but every time it appears, the championship is difficult to escape from this player. Lin Dan won Lee Chong Wei in two world finals (2011, 2013) and twice in the Olympic final (2008, 2012).

There is a funny theory that if Lee Chong Wei was born in another era where Lin Dan was not present, he would absolutely dominate the badminton village of the world. But when Lin Dan was no longer good, Chen Long, another player appeared.

At the 2014 World Championship, it seemed that Lee Chong Wei would win the world championship for the first time when his opponent in the final was not Lin Dan. But Chen Long, with his youth and his comprehensive play, beat Lee Chong Wei.

Liverpool overwhelmed Juergen Klopp’s best teammates

In his career at Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool, Klopp coach has the opportunity to lead many big stars such as Van Dijk, Salah, Lewandowski …
Goalkeeper Alisson Becker (Liverpool): The Brazilian goalkeeper moved to Anfield for a record fee and became the number one stopper in front of the wooden frame of “The Kop”. The certainty of the defense with fulcrum Alisson has helped Klopp’s teachers and coaches win the 2018/19 Champions League and most likely the Premier League this season.

Trent Alexander-Arnold defender (Liverpool): The English defender is an interesting finding of Klopp’s coach in Liverpool. Alexander-Arnold is considered by experts to redefine the position of the full-back. This season, he played 40 matches in all competitions, scored 2 goals and had 14 assists.

Defender Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool): The Dutchman did not take much time to prove 85 million euros of Liverpool spent for Southampton is worthy. Van Dijk became the cornerstone of “The Kop” defense. Last year, he came second in the race to win the Golden Ball and has maintained a stable performance so far.

Defender Mats Hummels (Dortmund): In the 2012/13 season, the German player and Neven Subotic formed one of the best center-back duo in Europe, helping Dortmund reach the Champions League final. Hummels was the leader of the yellow-and-black team defense for many years before moving to Bayern Munich. In the winter transfer window last year, he bid farewell to the Allianz Arena to return to the old club.

Defender Andrew Robertson (Liverpool): Robertson and Alexander-Arnold form wings to attack the speed and efficiency of Klopp. Liverpool lost just 9 million euros to get the Scottish defender from Hull City. This season, Robertson played 41 matches in all competitions, scored 2 goals and had 7 assists.

Midfielder Jordan Henderson (Liverpool): Captain “The Kop” is known as the silent hero behind the club’s success. This season, new professionals have recognized Henderson’s irreplaceable role in the Liverpool midfield. The England midfielder is on the verge of becoming the Premier League Player of the Year.

COVID-19 in Japan: Marathon Running on App

The organizers of the annual marathon in Nagoya city (Japan) have made a special organization plan without having to gather in large numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As planned, the Nagoya marathon for women and the Nagoya City marathon will take place on March 8, attracting about 20,000 participants. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the country, the organizers were forced to cancel both tournaments.
In order to reduce the frustration of the athletes, but still ensure the health and safety for everyone, the organizers offer a plan to organize the creative prize without having to gather in large numbers to avoid the spread of COVID. -19. Accordingly, they created two applications that allow the athletes alone to complete the distance of 142.95 km through online tracking.

Instead of running on a predetermined route, athletes can choose any venue they want, as long as they maintain an appropriate social distance. The above official insisted. Runners are not allowed to run in groups.

Two applications are given by the organizers: one for those who want to finish the race in one run and the other allows participants to extend the running time for several days. Runners must complete the run between March 8 and May 31. The app will help measure and confirm their achievement.

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out, leading to a series of canceled sporting events in Japan, including the Tokyo Marathon, one of the six largest running events in the world, under the World Marathon Majors system, in addition to Boston, New York, Chicago, London and Berlin. The organizers have canceled the registration of 38,000 amateur athletes, which are scheduled to take place on March 1. Although no refunds will be issued after the event is canceled, they will have slots for the 2021 Marathon.

Even the largest sports festival on the Olympic Games in Tokyo has to be postponed to 2021. To host the Olympics, Japan has to spend about 13 billion USD. After having to postpone the calendar a year due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the country is expected to spend another $ 3 billion.

Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 3)

2. Some fun online baseball games for kids

2.1. Baseball

This game brings you to a real baseball match. You and your team are going to play in one of the most famous baseball leagues in Japan. In Koshien Stadium, your team will mark a stunning point in the history of the game. However, to achieve it, you need to give an excellent performance. All you need to do is aim accurately and adjust your power.

In this game, you play as the batter of your team, so your mission is hitting the ball and trying to get three outs. First, when the pitcher gets ready and the marker which shows the position of the ball appears, you have to use your mouse to move the aim circle toward the marker. Then, you can see another red shape which indicates the direction of the ball. If you want to hit the ball up, aim below the marker, and vice versa. After that, all you need to do is wait for the right time to swing. Click the left mouse to hit the ball. If you play in easy mode, a strike zone will appear on the screen, and if the ball is out of the box, you should leave it alone for the “Ball.” Like a real match, after hitting the ball, you have to run to the first base. To reach the next base, click the Run button, and to speed up, press the Slice button. Now, let’s try this game and bring victory to your team.

2.2. Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

If you are not familiar with the atmosphere of a big stadium in a major league, you should try this game. This game gives you a chance to join in a baseball match in the street with your friends. It might remind you of your childhood. Since you play with your friends in a park, you are not under any pressure to perform well. So, play this game and enjoy your time.

To start this game, you must choose your team first. There are lots of teams with lovely names such as Team Bears, Thunderstorm Team, etc. Then, you can select your character. There are three levels. In each level, you will play in different places. To finish one level and move to the next one, you have to gain the required points. Use your mouse to move the character, and click the left mouse to hit the ball.

In general, baseball is a famous game which receives lots of favorites from kids as well as adults. This game helps children develop their teamwork and problem-solving skills, besides improving their physical strength. With the online baseball games in this article, you can show your kids some basic things about baseball before they go out there and compete with a real bat and ball.