3 ways to help you play sports better every day (Part 2)

3 cách giúp bạn chơi thể thao giỏi hơn mỗi ngày 2

3. Patience.

No matter what you do, skills are often built slowly. If you’re not patient, you’ll try to learn higher skills when you’re not ready. Your motivation will disappear when you don’t see immediate improvement. Keep the long-term goal in mind and hold it tight while you turn the goal into reality.

Remember: there is always someone who can do it better than you, at least at first.

3 cách giúp bạn chơi thể thao giỏi hơn mỗi ngày 3

4 Accept criticism.

When you play sports, you will definitely get criticism. Whether from a coach, other player, or audience, you need to make the most of it. Are they angry because you missed a pass, or did they sincerely want to help you improve? Learn to distinguish constructive criticism from hurtful comments. In many cases, you can use criticism as motivation to improve in any field.

Do not let yourself defend. Your thoughts become more limited if you allow yourself to be moved by criticism.

Keep your ego under control. Even if you think you are the best, be open to constructive criticism.

5 Cultivate friendship with other players.

3 cách giúp bạn chơi thể thao giỏi hơn mỗi ngày 4

One of the biggest reasons people who join sports teams from the beginning is making new friends. If you join a team, you will have to meet a lot of people. Chances are you will develop friendships with at least some of them. Make these friendships a priority if you want to play good sports. You can practice teammates and practice separately. When playing with friends, your spirit is also enhanced.

Team sports such as football can have some personal practice skills, but for others (like goalkeepers and passing balls), another person is needed. It is helpful to have this friend as a friend. It will make the exercise process more interesting in the long term.

6 Let yourself be happy.

3 cách giúp bạn chơi thể thao giỏi hơn mỗi ngày 5

May be obsessed with doing something well that makes you forget why you want to be good. Whether you are practicing or competing, try to remember other reasons that make you play sports