6 famous volleyball players in the world

Lim Sung Jin (20 years old)

He is one of the hottest names in the Korean volleyball team since 2016. He is famous for his talent. Besides, this male athlete becomes the focus of the Korean people thanks to his attractive appearance. Fans called it the “Divine Corner”, “Kim Soo Hyun’s copy”. Currently, his Instagram attracts nearly 300,000 followers. This athlete received many invitations from entertainment companies. However, he said that he just wanted to focus on pursuing a passion for sports.

Kim Yo Han (33 years old)

Kim Yo Han has an admirable long-running record in the volleyball career at both club and national teams. He has talent and charismatic looks. He has a lot of people who say he looks like actor Kang Dong Won. He is a familiar face on the cover of fashion magazines.

Moon Sung-Min (32 years old)

Moon Sung-Min is one of Korea’s most famous volleyball athletes. He has been in the national team since 2006. Sung Min has always worked hard and asserted his talent. He has a happy family. Sung Min got married in 2016. he now has a son. First of all.

Jo Jae Sung (23 years old)

Jo Jae Sung possesses a good looking face and a dreaming height. He was named the “volleyball god” since he played for Kyunghee University club in 2016. Jae Sung is also praised by many people for his sociable, cheerful and progressive personality. Currently, he plays for club Ansan OK Rush & Cash.

Song Myung Geun (25 years old)

Song Myung Geun is a talented athlete from the Korean volleyball village. He owns a beautiful appearance and a sunny smile. He always knows how to attract the fans’ eyes, especially female fans every time they come to the stadium. Myun Geun has the right to dress properly, “Marshal Ca” with elegant and elegant suits. He was sought after by many fashion brands.