7 most popular water sports in the word (part 3)


5. Water skiing

Water skiing is a worldwide favorite sport. In this subject, you will stand on skis (like skiing) and be dragged across the water by the yacht. There are a few tips you need to remember when playing water skiing. You should always stand with your knees bent, keep your arms bent and let your boat pull you forward, lean back to keep gravity, breathe smoothly like normal (many people tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports. Finally, it is possible to try to turn aside gently when you are used to pulling and keeping your balance well.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking is no longer strange to those who love water sports and travel. This is the perfect sport that can help you relax after stressful working days. In addition, kayaking can help strengthen your health.

Kayaking is a sport using a relatively small and narrow boat, completely controlled by human power, primarily designed to be propelled by hand paddles. Traditional kayaks have a deck and one or more cabins, each with a paddle. The cockpit is covered by a deck lid to prevent water intrusion from waves or water rays and makes long-term kayaks feel comfortable.

Usually, kayaking is often the family’s choice for older people and children to join, rowing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. But if you’re a adventurer, you can play kayak at the waterfall to challenge yourself. In addition, with the compactness of kayaks, you can bring with you on the family yacht.

7. Seabob

Seabob was dubbed the “motorcycle running under the water”. Carrying a seabob on a yacht with you and jumping into the water in a windy direction, you will feel like you are a 007 spy who is performing his underwater mission with the most advanced equipment. Seabob is manually controlled as you ride a motorbike and can travel at 15km per hour.