Basic knowledge of baseball

Baseball is a US-based sport, so far, the sport still leads the way in Japanese fans and is the world’s most popular sport with more than 500 million. followers. This is a sport that has the most rules and a rather complex but team-playing technique.

Common terms used in baseball

For those who are new to baseball, the terms used in this discipline are quite confusing. But, as a fan of this sport, you need to take some time to learn how to play, the basic terms commonly used to easily watch the game, or you can is the player. We will review the basic words and give instructions on how to play, find out!

Player: player

Batter: the batter

Pitcher: the pitcher

Catcher: the ball keeper

First base: 1st base pin

Second base: 2nd base pin

Third base: 3rd base pin

At bat: a ball hit

Out: the batter is eliminated

Save: your team player runs to take the golf course

Runner: the runner runs on golf

A triple: finish beating, the runner runs to 3rd base

A base hit: a successful shot, the batter is able to take possession of the goal

Home-run: a strong blow that makes the ball fly out of the yard, a direct hit


Tools needed in baseball

Baseball gloves

Baseball gloves are made of soft leather, making it easy for players to catch the ball off an opponent’s team or ball. For the baller, in addition to wearing gloves, it is possible to wear baseball shirts for protection when catching the ball.


Baseball consists of two types: softball and softball:

– Hardballs with a diameter of about 72.9 – 74.8mm; The weight is about 141.7 – 148.8 grams

– Softball has many types, usually for students to play and in SoftBall

Baseball bat

A wooden baseball bat may be a smooth metal, with a diameter of not more than 2.75 inches in the thickest place, not exceeding 42 inches in length, weighing about 1 kg.