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Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 4)

6. Avoid passing the ball overly close to the net For one classic error, it is passing (or bumping) your ball overly close to the net. It is sometimes called as one over bump. One over bump makes it truly hard for the setter to set the ball. Also, even if they are capable of… Read More »

Why Should Girls Play Sports?

You know that doing regular physical exercise is beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit of a girl. You can get your everyday dose of endorphins by jogging around the block. Mainly, why should you play sports? We have discovered that they offer some great benefits for girls other than getting fit and having fun.… Read More »

3 ways to help you play sports better every day (Part 2)

3. Patience. No matter what you do, skills are often built slowly. If you’re not patient, you’ll try to learn higher skills when you’re not ready. Your motivation will disappear when you don’t see immediate improvement. Keep the long-term goal in mind and hold it tight while you turn the goal into reality. Remember: there… Read More »

3 ways to help you play sports better every day

3 ways to help you play good sports require patience, determination and team spirit to be able to promote the best performance. If sports is what you love, you will have a desire to play well in your favorite sport. A good way to play sports is not only to improve skills, but also to… Read More »