Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 3)

4. Avoid setting the ball overly close to the net

The hitter does not come to use the full hitting approach; plus, their hitting choices are more limited.

Aside from being tricky to hit, one set that is overly close to the net can get somewhat unsafe as well, particularly for less experienced hitters. When one hitter is not familiar with adjusting to one tight set, they tend to land under or in the net, potentially landing on blockers’ feet. It is among the most common ways to get injured in volleyball, usually resulting in knee or ankle injuries.

Rather than aiming right for the net, you should aim for around one foot away from the net. In case it is off-target slightly, it gives some buffer room. Here, the hitter should not expect one perfect set from one non-setter player anyway. Hence, they had better be ready to adjust.

5. Avoid landing under or on the net

As one newer player, you usually do not get as many sets; thus, hitting as many spikes as possible is tempting. It is a great attitude, yet, make sure to maintain one controlled hitting approach, as well as high spatial awareness of the net, inclusive of the area under your net.

A lot of times, players are excessively focussed on hitting the ball, so they fail to figure out how close to their net they get. Remember, one rule violation is touching the net, and it can cost the team a point. More significantly, that being said, is the safety aspect. When you land under or in the net, there is a high chance you might land on the foot of someone else.

So, while concentrating wholly on hitting the ball is tempting, remember to work on your spatial awareness as well.

Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 2)

3. Avoid touching the second ball – do so only when the setter has been calling for help

As we are addressing the three-touch topic, it is an excellent time for reminding the players to allow the setter to take such a second ball. Here, the setter is one specialized position taking the second ball as well as setting up the hitters.

In some cases, that first bump is likely to be off-target from the place it supposedly goes, and the setter needs to run it down. Plus, sometimes, such a ball may be headed directly towards one among the other players. Setting the ball may be tempting, but the setter is known as the specialized player of whom role it is for setting up the hitters.

Besides, the thing with setters can be that they tend to be FAST! They can get to such a second ball – in the end, it is what these ones have been trained for doing! Even when they run to the ball, they may probably get a great set to one of the hitters.

Yet, they have been trained as well to realize when it makes sense to allow one teammate to take the second ball – it is when “help” is what they call out, signaling one of the teammates for stepping in as well as setting instead. Thus, if the ball appears as it will head towards you, you should keep an ear open for any call of help from the setter. Next, step in as well as helping out the teammate!

4. Avoid setting the ball overly close to the net

When the setter asks for help, and one non-setter player has to set the ball, placing the ball excessively close to the net is among the most common mistakes that they make.

Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 1)

When playing sports, you need to know the essential skills, the rules, as well as the etiquette. Above all, all of these have to do with practice. There is also something you learn after you have played for a long while, things that unquestionably come with your experience. Below are some of the tips which you will not see in your volleyball rule book, yet they will help you immensely to score your points – as well as making you one better teammate.

1. Even if it sounds obvious, call mine

Call mine if you are in a position of taking the volleyball. When you play volleyball‘s higher levels, it gets engrained, and you will call mine without knowing, even if it is quite apparent.

For beginners, this instinct is not that natural. When the ball comes to you, you will get it – of course! Yet, for some players, when they fail to hear someone say so, they may think that the ball has been up for grabs, and then someone must get it!

That call may seem silly, yet after you have joined a few games, you will figure out how common it indeed is. So never be afraid to call for the ball.

2. Attempt to use the three hits

In this sport, each team will have three times to touch the ball before returning it over the net. Sometimes, inexperienced players may become intimidated or nervous by the ball and deliver it over the net before the team has got their three hits.

It could lead to a missed scoring opportunity. You see, the bump-set-spike play requires the three hits to get executed. Thus, if a player bumps the ball across the net with the unused hit, they can miss out on the scoring opportunity. Be alert!

6 famous volleyball players in the world

Lim Sung Jin (20 years old)

He is one of the hottest names in the Korean volleyball team since 2016. He is famous for his talent. Besides, this male athlete becomes the focus of the Korean people thanks to his attractive appearance. Fans called it the “Divine Corner”, “Kim Soo Hyun’s copy”. Currently, his Instagram attracts nearly 300,000 followers. This athlete received many invitations from entertainment companies. However, he said that he just wanted to focus on pursuing a passion for sports.

Kim Yo Han (33 years old)

Kim Yo Han has an admirable long-running record in the volleyball career at both club and national teams. He has talent and charismatic looks. He has a lot of people who say he looks like actor Kang Dong Won. He is a familiar face on the cover of fashion magazines.

Moon Sung-Min (32 years old)

Moon Sung-Min is one of Korea’s most famous volleyball athletes. He has been in the national team since 2006. Sung Min has always worked hard and asserted his talent. He has a happy family. Sung Min got married in 2016. he now has a son. First of all.

Jo Jae Sung (23 years old)

Jo Jae Sung possesses a good looking face and a dreaming height. He was named the “volleyball god” since he played for Kyunghee University club in 2016. Jae Sung is also praised by many people for his sociable, cheerful and progressive personality. Currently, he plays for club Ansan OK Rush & Cash.

Song Myung Geun (25 years old)

Song Myung Geun is a talented athlete from the Korean volleyball village. He owns a beautiful appearance and a sunny smile. He always knows how to attract the fans’ eyes, especially female fans every time they come to the stadium. Myun Geun has the right to dress properly, “Marshal Ca” with elegant and elegant suits. He was sought after by many fashion brands.

Amazing benefits of volleyball to players

Amazing benefits of volleyball to players

From the characteristics of volleyball, volleyball teaching and training has an influence and a good effect on players. Volleyball training and competition is also a process of training and fostering people comprehensively about power – psychology, consciousness and collective spirit, perseverance and courage. Below are some benefits of this interesting sport.

Keeping fit and staying healthy

The variety of skills and different techniques of movements will facilitate the development of human physical qualities. Playing volleyball helps players develop increase strength, fast, enduring, flexible, and ingenious in harmonious coordination.

Developing reflexes

Volleyball training and competition requires quick handling of frequently changing situations. Frequently practicing volleyball has a positive impact on the player’s development, improvement of adaptability and orientation. The sport requires players to choose reasonable techniques. You need to know how to quickly move from one movement to another. This helps players achieve high flexibility of neurological processes.

Training assertive determination

Amazing benefits of volleyball to players

Volleyball training and competition positively affects the development of people who practice valuable qualities such as courage, consistency, determination and dedication, creativity and discipline. The desire to achieve goals in a competition will teach players to act collectively, regularly cooperation. This will contribute to educating the sense of collective responsibility and affection.

Development of height and bone

With volleyball, players must move and operate continuously so it will help you get a fit body. The postures are constantly changing to help your joints lubricate. It will help restrain bone and joint problems.


Finally, volleyball helps you entertain, relieve stress after tired working hours. Volleyball is a form of entertainment and exercise that many people, especially the elderly, should choose.

Above are some unexpected benefits volleyball bring. It is a good selection to choose this interesting sport to keep fit and stay healthy!