Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 2)

1. Baseball fun facts

– An inning consists of two halves; the first one is the top and the second one is the bottom. Each team will play defence or offensive in each haft. A full game consists of 9 innings. However, it might be shortened or extended for some reasons.

– Two teams will end one inning if they get three outs. There are various ways to get outs.

– The pitcher and batter join in every play. The mission of the pitcher is delivering the ball so that the batter can’t hit it, but if the batter can, the defence will come into play so that they can get one out.

– The pitcher has to wipe his hand on his jersey before gripping the ball — it’s the rule.

– To increase the chances of getting a home run, players should hit the baseball at the spot of the bat called the sweet spot, which is in an area between 5 and 7 inches from the barrel of the bat. When a player hits this sweet spot, you can hear a “cracking ”sound. 

– A curveball from a pitcher can gain over 17 inches away from the straight line.

– The most popular food sold during a baseball match is hot dogs. During the 2014 primary league season, more than 21,357,000 hot dogs and 5 million sausages were consumed. 

– A typical baseball match lasts 3 hours. While the longest lasted 8 hours, with 25 innings, between the Chicago White Foxes and Milwaukee Brewers, in 1984, the shortest one only lasted 52 minutes, in 1919, between The New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

– Players started wearing colored jerseys based on their positions in 1882. Then, one year later, the owner of the team could choose the team uniform. However, the color of stockings would be decided by the leagues.