Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 3)

2. Some fun online baseball games for kids

2.1. Baseball

This game brings you to a real baseball match. You and your team are going to play in one of the most famous baseball leagues in Japan. In Koshien Stadium, your team will mark a stunning point in the history of the game. However, to achieve it, you need to give an excellent performance. All you need to do is aim accurately and adjust your power.

In this game, you play as the batter of your team, so your mission is hitting the ball and trying to get three outs. First, when the pitcher gets ready and the marker which shows the position of the ball appears, you have to use your mouse to move the aim circle toward the marker. Then, you can see another red shape which indicates the direction of the ball. If you want to hit the ball up, aim below the marker, and vice versa. After that, all you need to do is wait for the right time to swing. Click the left mouse to hit the ball. If you play in easy mode, a strike zone will appear on the screen, and if the ball is out of the box, you should leave it alone for the “Ball.” Like a real match, after hitting the ball, you have to run to the first base. To reach the next base, click the Run button, and to speed up, press the Slice button. Now, let’s try this game and bring victory to your team.

2.2. Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

If you are not familiar with the atmosphere of a big stadium in a major league, you should try this game. This game gives you a chance to join in a baseball match in the street with your friends. It might remind you of your childhood. Since you play with your friends in a park, you are not under any pressure to perform well. So, play this game and enjoy your time.

To start this game, you must choose your team first. There are lots of teams with lovely names such as Team Bears, Thunderstorm Team, etc. Then, you can select your character. There are three levels. In each level, you will play in different places. To finish one level and move to the next one, you have to gain the required points. Use your mouse to move the character, and click the left mouse to hit the ball.

In general, baseball is a famous game which receives lots of favorites from kids as well as adults. This game helps children develop their teamwork and problem-solving skills, besides improving their physical strength. With the online baseball games in this article, you can show your kids some basic things about baseball before they go out there and compete with a real bat and ball.