How to become a good sports coach? (part 1)

The essence of excellent training depends on the 8 basic tips below.

  1. It all depends on the relationship

You cannot train if you do not take the time to build a strong relationship with your team. So every day take a certain amount of time to get to know the team members. Pay attention to hobbies and things they hate at work, what makes them frustrated or excited, interests outside of work, and let them understand you. You will be well paid for the time you spend doing these things.

  1. Always obey the 7: 1 rule

Seven clear feedback must be made for each constructive feedback you receive, or you’ll be considered overly critical. Choose the right time when people are good at something and cheer them up with compliments, even if they’re just doing what they are paid to do.

  1. Clearly express your expectations

When you hand someone a project, discuss the deadline, the outcome, and how successful it is. Never hope everyone can read your mind.

  1. Speak out directly when you realize that any behaviors may be improved

Note that the senior sports coaches of the league never wait until the end of the season or even the end of the game to train the players. They train right after each play and turn.

If you give the guide regularly and reasonably, the review of lousy performances will only be formal, because you have really worked on developing the staff throughout the year.

  1. Train everyone on the playing field

A workplace is like a playing field with rules, boundaries and strategies. Your job is to make sure the players are on the court and not beyond the boundaries. The key here is to focus on helping each person achieve success.

For example, let us mention one of the salespeople who spends a lot of time fixing technical problems for customers, but does not fulfill sales targets. You can remind him that while solving such problems is necessary, the final goal here is to sell the product. Encourage him to contact a more competent colleague to find out how smoothly the job is done.