The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 2)

4. GP motorcycle racing Born in the 40s of the twentieth century, GP Motorbike is known as one of the motor racing tournaments with great attraction because of its fierce competition and thrust and attraction through each race. To increase the attraction of this dramatic speed sport, the World Motor Federation (FIM) has introduced a… Read More »

3 ways to help you play sports better every day (Part 2)

3. Patience. No matter what you do, skills are often built slowly. If you’re not patient, you’ll try to learn higher skills when you’re not ready. Your motivation will disappear when you don’t see immediate improvement. Keep the long-term goal in mind and hold it tight while you turn the goal into reality. Remember: there… Read More »

3 ways to help you play sports better every day

3 ways to help you play good sports require patience, determination and team spirit to be able to promote the best performance. If sports is what you love, you will have a desire to play well in your favorite sport. A good way to play sports is not only to improve skills, but also to… Read More »

Basic knowledge of baseball

Baseball is a US-based sport, so far, the sport still leads the way in Japanese fans and is the world’s most popular sport with more than 500 million. followers. This is a sport that has the most rules and a rather complex but team-playing technique. Common terms used in baseball For those who are new… Read More »