Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 2)

1. Baseball fun facts

– An inning consists of two halves; the first one is the top and the second one is the bottom. Each team will play defence or offensive in each haft. A full game consists of 9 innings. However, it might be shortened or extended for some reasons.

– Two teams will end one inning if they get three outs. There are various ways to get outs.

– The pitcher and batter join in every play. The mission of the pitcher is delivering the ball so that the batter can’t hit it, but if the batter can, the defence will come into play so that they can get one out.

– The pitcher has to wipe his hand on his jersey before gripping the ball — it’s the rule.

– To increase the chances of getting a home run, players should hit the baseball at the spot of the bat called the sweet spot, which is in an area between 5 and 7 inches from the barrel of the bat. When a player hits this sweet spot, you can hear a “cracking ”sound. 

– A curveball from a pitcher can gain over 17 inches away from the straight line.

– The most popular food sold during a baseball match is hot dogs. During the 2014 primary league season, more than 21,357,000 hot dogs and 5 million sausages were consumed. 

– A typical baseball match lasts 3 hours. While the longest lasted 8 hours, with 25 innings, between the Chicago White Foxes and Milwaukee Brewers, in 1984, the shortest one only lasted 52 minutes, in 1919, between The New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

– Players started wearing colored jerseys based on their positions in 1882. Then, one year later, the owner of the team could choose the team uniform. However, the color of stockings would be decided by the leagues.

Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 1)

Besides football, baseball is also so famous that this sport is played from the west to the east. Baseball attracts not only adults but also children. This sport is one of the most popular extra activities after school in Japan, and they also have lots of baseball tournaments for teenagers.

On the other hand, baseball is also popular among adults. Sometimes, lots of companies organize baseball matches at the weekend or after work so that they can strengthen the relationships between their employees and improve their ability to work in a team. Because of its popularity, now, baseball is not only a sport or a game that people have to team up to play, but it has also become one of the best sports games. It means you can enjoy this sport with a baseball bat and ball on your laptop.

To this end, we want to share with you some fun online baseball games so that you can try this sport right in your warm room with your blanket. But before that, we also want to outline some fun facts about baseball. These facts are for kids because this sport is helpful for them to enhance their teamwork and problem-solving skills. So, if you are parents and want your kids to enjoy their free time, you can find some useful information here before deciding to choose this sport or not.

Baseball on the Chalk Line of the Infield

1. Baseball fun facts

– It’s said that baseball was invented around the 1700s or early 1800s. It’s considered to have some of the deepest roots in American sports.

– A baseball match can last as long as it needs to. The longest game was called off after more than 8 hours of play.

– The distance between bases is 90 feet, and the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home is 60 feet.

Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 4)

6. Avoid passing the ball overly close to the net

For one classic error, it is passing (or bumping) your ball overly close to the net. It is sometimes called as one over bump. One over bump makes it truly hard for the setter to set the ball. Also, even if they are capable of salvaging it to get one set, the chances are that they cannot run any plays.

Not all, you may inadvertently get setting up the other team. Usually, an over bump indeed does go OVER your net – and if one player from the other team, by chance, is in the proper position, they can time a nice hit. For sure, for their team.

To stay away from over bumps, when you pass the ball, attempt to aim for about one foot off the net. Doing so gives the setter a specific room. Also, you, as the passer, will be able to leeway in your target.

7. Avoid catching the ball during one play

Well, it seems silly. Anyone knowing the volleyball rules knows that you are not meant to catch the ball. Yet, if you have been at one volleyball game before, especially one volleyball tournament, you can figure out how LOUD it is. Players are yelling, shoes are squeaking on the floor, and volleyballs are bouncing. Plus, referees on multiple courts are blowing their whistles.

So, it’s easy for one player to THINK of hearing the whistle blow and catching the ball to finish the play. Yet, if you even have one tiny little doubt regarding whether you heard one whistle blow or not, you should KEEP PLAYING! Believe us; you will look far more foolish when catching the ball during one active play than when you kept playing following the whistle blown! Keep in mind!

Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 3)

4. Avoid setting the ball overly close to the net

The hitter does not come to use the full hitting approach; plus, their hitting choices are more limited.

Aside from being tricky to hit, one set that is overly close to the net can get somewhat unsafe as well, particularly for less experienced hitters. When one hitter is not familiar with adjusting to one tight set, they tend to land under or in the net, potentially landing on blockers’ feet. It is among the most common ways to get injured in volleyball, usually resulting in knee or ankle injuries.

Rather than aiming right for the net, you should aim for around one foot away from the net. In case it is off-target slightly, it gives some buffer room. Here, the hitter should not expect one perfect set from one non-setter player anyway. Hence, they had better be ready to adjust.

5. Avoid landing under or on the net

As one newer player, you usually do not get as many sets; thus, hitting as many spikes as possible is tempting. It is a great attitude, yet, make sure to maintain one controlled hitting approach, as well as high spatial awareness of the net, inclusive of the area under your net.

A lot of times, players are excessively focussed on hitting the ball, so they fail to figure out how close to their net they get. Remember, one rule violation is touching the net, and it can cost the team a point. More significantly, that being said, is the safety aspect. When you land under or in the net, there is a high chance you might land on the foot of someone else.

So, while concentrating wholly on hitting the ball is tempting, remember to work on your spatial awareness as well.

Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 2)

3. Avoid touching the second ball – do so only when the setter has been calling for help

As we are addressing the three-touch topic, it is an excellent time for reminding the players to allow the setter to take such a second ball. Here, the setter is one specialized position taking the second ball as well as setting up the hitters.

In some cases, that first bump is likely to be off-target from the place it supposedly goes, and the setter needs to run it down. Plus, sometimes, such a ball may be headed directly towards one among the other players. Setting the ball may be tempting, but the setter is known as the specialized player of whom role it is for setting up the hitters.

Besides, the thing with setters can be that they tend to be FAST! They can get to such a second ball – in the end, it is what these ones have been trained for doing! Even when they run to the ball, they may probably get a great set to one of the hitters.

Yet, they have been trained as well to realize when it makes sense to allow one teammate to take the second ball – it is when “help” is what they call out, signaling one of the teammates for stepping in as well as setting instead. Thus, if the ball appears as it will head towards you, you should keep an ear open for any call of help from the setter. Next, step in as well as helping out the teammate!

4. Avoid setting the ball overly close to the net

When the setter asks for help, and one non-setter player has to set the ball, placing the ball excessively close to the net is among the most common mistakes that they make.

Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 1)

When playing sports, you need to know the essential skills, the rules, as well as the etiquette. Above all, all of these have to do with practice. There is also something you learn after you have played for a long while, things that unquestionably come with your experience. Below are some of the tips which you will not see in your volleyball rule book, yet they will help you immensely to score your points – as well as making you one better teammate.

1. Even if it sounds obvious, call mine

Call mine if you are in a position of taking the volleyball. When you play volleyball‘s higher levels, it gets engrained, and you will call mine without knowing, even if it is quite apparent.

For beginners, this instinct is not that natural. When the ball comes to you, you will get it – of course! Yet, for some players, when they fail to hear someone say so, they may think that the ball has been up for grabs, and then someone must get it!

That call may seem silly, yet after you have joined a few games, you will figure out how common it indeed is. So never be afraid to call for the ball.

2. Attempt to use the three hits

In this sport, each team will have three times to touch the ball before returning it over the net. Sometimes, inexperienced players may become intimidated or nervous by the ball and deliver it over the net before the team has got their three hits.

It could lead to a missed scoring opportunity. You see, the bump-set-spike play requires the three hits to get executed. Thus, if a player bumps the ball across the net with the unused hit, they can miss out on the scoring opportunity. Be alert!

Why Should Girls Play Sports?

You know that doing regular physical exercise is beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit of a girl. You can get your everyday dose of endorphins by jogging around the block.

Mainly, why should you play sports? We have discovered that they offer some great benefits for girls other than getting fit and having fun.

Here are some of them:

1. You do better in school

Do you think that athletics can take up every study time? As per research, girls playing sports do better at school and have more chances of graduation compared to those who do not. Exercise enhances memory, concentration, and learning – meaning that it gives you an advantage when the classroom entails.

2. Girls that play sports tend to improve goal-setting and teamwork skills

Working with teammates, coaches, and trainers to win their games as well as meeting their goals is a fantastic practice for success in your life. Also, being a team player is likely to make it easier to cooperate with others as well as solving problems, whether they are in the workplace or on the field.

3. Hidden health benefits

Several perks of sports are apparent such as fitness enhancement and healthy weight maintenance. Not all, girls who play sports do not tend to smoke and are less likely to get breast cancer as well as osteoporosis later in life. Undoubtedly, you can get these perks from any exercise type. Yet, if you have difficulty getting to the gym, then you may be more motivated to show up and play when you know your teammates and coaches depend on you.

4. Build self-confidence

Those involved in athletics often feel better about themselves, not only physically but also socially. It helps to improve confidence as you see your skills enhancing and your goals coming true.

What are the best health benefits of tennis? (Part 2)

4. Improve your bone health

As you know, playing tennis is only suitable for your muscles. Other than that, it has a positive effect on your bones. Exercising regularly can raise your peak bone mass as well as slowing the rate of loss of bone mass over time. According to NIU (the National Institutes of Health), bone mass peaks at the age of 30 or so and starts to decrease after that. You can optimize your bone mass before that age through exercise. Plus, continuing to exercise following 30 can slow the bone loss rate. The NIH names this sport as being among the weight-bearing activities, Tennis is indeed suited to building strong bones.

5. Make your heart healthy

A tennis match is on par with a lot of little sprints. The fast anaerobic movements the sport asks for burns fat, increases the heart rate, and promotes a higher level of energy. Tennis matches tend to last about one hour or two and at intervals, which are optimal for enhancing cardiovascular health, which is vital for lowering the risk of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

6. Better balance, flexibility, and coordination

The sport requires the cooperation of your whole body. Your feet maneuver you into the proper position, the hands and arms position the racquet for making contact with the ball. Also, the torso and legs offer the power to deliver the ball flying over a net. The factors all come together whenever you hit the ball. Each shot takes coordination, balance, and flexibility. Flexibility is great since it can give you plenty of motion, help prevent injuries as well as reducing muscle strain.

7. Boost your mood

The players of tennis are more optimistic and less anxious than those who play other sports – the scientists in Connecticut pointed out.

3 things to draw after round 10 of the Premier League

3 things to draw after round 10 of the Premier League

1. Liverpool scares Man City

On the night of October 27, Liverpool faced a tough challenge called Tottenham. As expected, Klopp’s teachers and students were sweating when the north London army opened the score in the first minute. Plus, the Spurs attack is also very impressive with Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min constantly stirring the home side’s defense.

However, in the end, The Kop once again showed the bravery and stature of the European champion in difficult moments. Red Brigade after equalizing 52 minutes, ending the opponent thanks to Salah on penalties. With a 2-1 victory, Klopp’s teachers and students won 3 valuable points and continued to keep a 6-point gap with Man City.

Importantly, Liverpool also sent the extreme challenge to the green half of Manchester. Accordingly, the defending Champions League has successfully completed the confrontation with the giant group “Big Six”.

They beat Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and MU draw. The home team is only missing the encounter with Pep himself and her on November 10.

Meanwhile, Man City only drew a draw against Spurs in the first matches of the season. The upcoming club will have to deal with the remaining 4 big players. Obviously, at a later time, the schedule is denser and the King of England will meet many challenges to bring the full score. And The Kop is more relaxed and is waiting for a heroic match with a direct competitor to the championship.

2. MU continued the excitement

MU still makes the fans concerned about the home team performance after the ups and downs. The march to Norwich is not easy for the club. However, the red army had a convincing answer with a jubilant 3-1 victory over the opponent.

3. Watching out for Chelsea

Chelsea marched to Burnley with intense enthusiasm after a dramatic victory in the Champions League. Before the opponent shown below, The Blues quickly displayed superior strength. Not all, the London representative also quickly crushed the home team 4-0 when the game had just arrived in the 58th minute. Despite conceding 2 goals in the last minutes, Lampard’s teachers and students still won with 3 points. integrity.

Importantly, once again, the army of green shirts showed formidable strength after the first few days of deviation. The style of Lampard’s teachers and students has been improved, prospered and methodical. The defense proved to be weak in the middle line, the strikers repeatedly displayed good coordination in the coordination phase.

In the last 6 rounds, the London representative won 5, 1 lost. Up to now, the army of green shirts continues to maintain its position in the top 4 with 20 points, and constantly threaten Man City. Certainly, with this style of kick, The Blues will still create surprises on the way.

What are the best health benefits of tennis? (Part 1)

Doubles, singles, or against the backboard yourself, tennis is one of the most fantastic activities which work to keep anyone in shape whether they are five years old or 90. It indeed keeps the muscular and cardiovascular system in the best shape even when you age. Also, this strategic mental game allows you to appreciate the outdoors’ fresh air to your fullest. Below are some benefits it would bring to you.

1. Enable your full-body workout

Unlike several sports, involving in tennis is an excellent workout for your whole body. By playing it, you get the most out of the lower body for starting, running, jumping, and stopping. Further, the ball-hitting action, whether it is double-handed or single, means the trunk does a significant amount of work, especially your upper back and shoulders.

2. Enhance anaerobic and aerobic health

Playing this game allows for an improvement in your oxygen intake. It raises the heart rate and helps the blood deliver nutrients and oxygen to every muscle. Besides, it supports the development of many capillary beds and capillaries in your muscles so that they can get better blood flow and supply. They will fatigue more slowly and work more highly. What is more, this sport contributes to the maintenance of your anaerobic health. It lets the muscles use oxygen better and offers fast energy spurts for swift movements and explosive power.

3. Burn your fat and calories

Swinging, running, pivoting, reaching – this terrific game is possibly a fantastic workout with your proper opponent. As a full-body sport, it allows you to burn many calories. You see, you are on a constant move. Believe it or not, it is considered one of the best sports that helps you burn most quantities of calories. Dancing, weight lifting, golf playing, volleyball playing, etc. cannot beat it.