Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

Roger Federer overcame the young Greek talent Stefanos Tsitsipas with a score of 6-4 after 2 sets to become the second player to hit 100 titles, after the legendary Jimmy Connors.

Having won the Dubai Open, Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

At night in the UAE, the Dubai Open finals took place between Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Federer started the match smoothly when there was a break in the opening game. The difficulty came with the Swiss player in the game decided to set 1 when Tsitsipas successfully saved 3 set-points and had 2 chances to break. However, Federer’s right-handed saves him to break and win 6-4.

Going to set 2, two players play stably in the first 4 hand-held games. Federer did not miss the chance to rise to the 5-4 lead when the Greek player made a mistake.

Finally, Federer won the final, mark his 8th title in Dubai and the 100th title in his career.

The championship also helped the Swiss player return to 4th place on March 3 when there were 500 bonus points. The 37-year-old left Dubai with $ 565,636, bringing the total career bonus to $ 121 million.

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

The memorable journey of Roger Federer to the milestone of 100 titles

The first title in his career: February 4, 2001 at Milan’s tennis tournament, Federer defeated Julien Boutter 2-1 to win his first career title at the age of 19. And 15 months later, He won the first Masters

10th title (October 2003): Federer successfully defended the championship in Vienna (Austria) by winning 3 sets with a score of 6-3 against Carlos Moya.

After 22 years since joining the tournament of the ATP Tour system, Roger Federer has created a series of memorable milestones, and the latest is the 100th title.