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Ferrari overwhelmed the first test day of the Belgian Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel took turns leading FP1 and FP2, at the Spa race on August 30.

The fastest Leclerc of the day, with a minute of 44,123 seconds, is faster than Vettel by 0.63 seconds at FP2. Mercedes drivers – Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton – are 0.846 and 0.892 seconds respectively. While the best performance of Leclerc, Vettel and Bottas is done on soft tires, Hamilton uses regular tires. P5 unexpectedly belongs to Sergio Perez (Racing Point), above Max Verstappen (Red Bull).

Red Bull slightly changed the rear spoiler in front of the Belgian GP, ​​reducing the pressure to improve the speed on the typical long lines of the Spa. The change helped them quickly after Ferrari in FP1. Rookie Red Bull Alexander Albon debuted smoothly with a minute of 45,584 seconds, less than 0.1 second to Verstappen.

The improved RB15, but not enough to win Ferrari. The Italian team has yet to win a stage, but is expected to win for the second consecutive week at Spa and Monza (Italy). The SF90 has low and unbalanced pressure, but easily takes advantage of the long straight lines like in the Spa. The fastest Vettel FP1 with a minute of 44,574 seconds, than Leclerc 0.214 seconds.

Knowing it was impossible to match Ferrari in a long straight line, Mercedes had to rely heavily on the main lap tactic. Bottas and Hamilton both use ordinary tires at FP1, with a record of 45,882 seconds and 45,973 seconds, respectively. Hamilton had a little trouble when the engine was not working in the first minutes, but Mercedes promptly corrected it.

Ferrari overwhelmed the first test day of the Belgian Grand Prix

In FP2, Verstappen had problems similar to Hamilton, leaving him not much time to improve achievements. Young Dutch talent is only sixth with a 45,507-minute minute. And Albon is the 10th fastest with a 45,771 second minute.

The driver of the day is Perez, with Mercedes new engine. But his car caught fire near the end of the FP2, causing the test race to close earlier than expected.

De Bruyne achieved 50 of the fastest tectonic phases in English Premier League history

15 minutes, in the trip of Bournemouth on the evening of 25/8, Kevin De Bruyne kicked the ball, after the thick line on the left from Oleksandr Zinchenko. The ball then found the location of Sergio Aguero, and the Argentinian striker easily finished close to the city, opening the score for Man City. The assist for the 31-year-old striker is calculated for De Bruyne, helping him become the fastest player to reach 50 assists in the English Premier League.

The Man City midfielder needed 123 matches to reach this milestone, breaking Mesut Ozil’s old record (141 matches) set in March 2018.

Player Number of matches Team Time

Kevin De Bruyne 123 Chelsea, Man City 2013 – now

Mesut Ozil 141 Arsenal 2013 – present

Eric Cantona 143 Leeds Utd, Man Utd 1992 – 1997

Dennis Bergkamp 146 Arsenal 1995 – 2006

Cesc Fabregas 165 Arsenal, Chelsea 2003 – 2018

De Bruyne’s first creation line in the Premier League came from the 2013-2014 season, while wearing Chelsea. He then played for Wolfsburg for two and a half years, before returning to the number one foggy league with a blockbuster deal with Man City in the summer of 2015.

Joining Man City, De Bruyne became the most outstanding creation in Europe. The Belgian midfielder has 9, 18 and 16 assists in three consecutive seasons. However, the serious injury early in the 2018-2019 season left the former Chelsea player only 11 starting kicks last season and had two assists.

In the 2019-2020 season, De Bruyne exploded. Counting the match against Bournemouth on 25/8, 28-year-old midfielder has four assists after three rounds. “I feel energetic and getting better and better. I believe everything will be favorable this season,” said Man City maestro after the draw of Tottenham 2-2 in the second round.

De Bruyne’s tectonic record in one season was set in the 2014-2015 season, when he joined Wolfsburg. The Belgian midfielder has 20 assists, although the Bundesliga has only 34 rounds, four times less than the Premier League.

7 most popular water sports in the word (part 3)


5. Water skiing

Water skiing is a worldwide favorite sport. In this subject, you will stand on skis (like skiing) and be dragged across the water by the yacht. There are a few tips you need to remember when playing water skiing. You should always stand with your knees bent, keep your arms bent and let your boat pull you forward, lean back to keep gravity, breathe smoothly like normal (many people tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports. Finally, it is possible to try to turn aside gently when you are used to pulling and keeping your balance well.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking is no longer strange to those who love water sports and travel. This is the perfect sport that can help you relax after stressful working days. In addition, kayaking can help strengthen your health.

Kayaking is a sport using a relatively small and narrow boat, completely controlled by human power, primarily designed to be propelled by hand paddles. Traditional kayaks have a deck and one or more cabins, each with a paddle. The cockpit is covered by a deck lid to prevent water intrusion from waves or water rays and makes long-term kayaks feel comfortable.

Usually, kayaking is often the family’s choice for older people and children to join, rowing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. But if you’re a adventurer, you can play kayak at the waterfall to challenge yourself. In addition, with the compactness of kayaks, you can bring with you on the family yacht.

7. Seabob

Seabob was dubbed the “motorcycle running under the water”. Carrying a seabob on a yacht with you and jumping into the water in a windy direction, you will feel like you are a 007 spy who is performing his underwater mission with the most advanced equipment. Seabob is manually controlled as you ride a motorbike and can travel at 15km per hour.

7 most popular water sports in the word (part 2)


If you are a fan of dramatic sports, water skiing or jet skiing are the things you want to try. Check out the list of sports that can be played while sailing through the following article.

3. Jet Ski

Jet ski is an exciting sport for those who love sailing in particular and love water sports in general. In particular, jet ski is only fun when playing two or more people.

To save space for individual flybridge yachts, you can bring a standing jetski (stand-up jetski) to the stern poolside deck 1 boat and the upper deck of the boat 1 unit. For speed enthusiasts, Jet Ski driving is considered an exciting activity that needs to be tested at least once in a lifetime. Sitting on the boat and turning on the surf in a place where there is only a companion, and a cloud of water while the wind playing with the hair makes it more interesting, safe and legal than on-land racing.

4. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a very popular sport abroad. This is a game where you will stand on a board called a wakeboard and be dragged by the yacht on the water. Wakeboard usually has a small, narrow rectangle, with a pair of shoes fixed on the board.

This sport is extremely easy to play, does not require too much effort. Just take a few simple techniques, anyone can play. Especially, like jet ski, wakeboarding is a sport that cannot be played alone. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to gather friends and family to play and chat and engage more. If you like watching sports, wakeboarding is also an international championship sport like Supra Pro Tour so you can watch.

The leading sports competition in the world

The leading sports competition in the world

Sports are said to be the spiritual food of many people. Every year in the world, there are many sports activities to serve sports lovers. Among them, Olympics is the biggest sporting events in the world.


The Olympic Games is one of the largest international sporting events including competitions in both summer and winter, with thousands of different athletes all over the world registering to participate every year. competition. The symbol of the tournament consists of 5 circles with 5 different colors symbolizing 5 continents: yellow of Asia, blue of Europe, black of Africa, blue of Oceania, red of America, 5 interlocking circles symbolize the spirit of equality and solidarity among nations and continents.


The leading sports competition in the world

Olympic is a leading competition in the world with the participation of more than 200 countries. Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics will be held alternately every two years (even in even years). More than 13,000 athletes compete in 33 different sports and nearly 400 competitions. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to those who come first, second and third. During the past 50 years, the Olympics has 3 times the most costly: the summer Olympics. 1976, held in Montreal, Canada, the 1992 summer Olympics held in Barcelona, ​​Spain and the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, England.

Through an international radio company survey, there are about 19.2 to 35.8 million viewers since the early days of the Olympics were held. The Olympics has had a huge impact on the whole world, from which host countries also have more opportunities to promote their country more widely.


In each category of prizes, the prize will be awarded to the first, second and third winners, respectively, with gold, silver and bronze medals.

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 2)


4. GP motorcycle racing

Born in the 40s of the twentieth century, GP Motorbike is known as one of the motor racing tournaments with great attraction because of its fierce competition and thrust and attraction through each race.

To increase the attraction of this dramatic speed sport, the World Motor Federation (FIM) has introduced a new law to increase the engine cylinder capacity of vehicles participating in GP motorcycles from 800 to 1000 cubic centimeters.

The minimum weight of the car is also increased from 150 kg to 153 kg and FIM also does not limit the engine cycle. Just like F1 racing, GP motorbike racing is a place to show off the high-tech technology platform of the motorcycle industry, 14 participating teams are outstanding drivers with passion, quickness and courage.

5. Dog racing

Dog racing was first organized in 1876 in the United Kingdom, followed by the United States (1920) and spread across other continents. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the only place where dog racing is organized. The race dog is named Gray hound. People love Greyhound because they run very fast. So they are used to hunt antelopes and hares. In ancient Egypt, Greyhound breeds were used to escort Pharaohs and families as an expression of power.

On Friday and Saturday evening, the atmosphere at Lam Son Stadium (Vung Tau) is bustling and exciting because of the cheering and enthusiastic cheering of thousands of spectators for racing dogs here. Still a representative of speed, courage and agility, but Greyhound dogs are not aggressive, but they are very gentle, friendly and lovely. After 1 week of being trained and trained by the coach, the dogs are given to compete. On average, in every life, every dog ​​is played about 100 times.

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 1)

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 1)

In addition to football – the most favorite king sport in the world, sailing, racing of GP, horse racing, dog racing, F1 racing, etc. are also popular sports around the world. Let’s check out the most exciting sports that are all about speed!

1. Sailing

Sailing is considered one of the toughest and most dangerous sports. The type of racing boat is actually very expensive sports yachts. It is said that this is a noble sport. Sailing firm Northrop & Johnson is one of the major suppliers of this type of sport, such as the 26 million UAD “Mr. Terrible” or the “Gallant Lady” that costs up to 42,5 million USD.

2. Horse racing 

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in mankind. Previously, to find a good racing horse, people often consider Arab racing horses because of their incredible speed. Over the centuries, Arab racing horses are still strong, brave, fast-paced horses with the greatest stamina. Although it is popular, to really play this sport, one has to spend thousands of dollars on buying horses and nurturing them.

3. F1 racing:

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 1)

Formula 1 racing is a very good adventure sport. Each game burns up 70 liters of fuel for 100 km, gathers a team of up to 100 people to serve the race. Not only a competition to win between teams, but it is also the race of humanity to conquer time limits. The famous F1 racing is always a place to show off the top technology platform of the automobile industry.

The philosophy “Nothing backward by yesterday’s technology” is the intellectual power of the F1 racing sport. Although there is not much movement, F1 requires drivers to have physical strength. 2 kg is the average weight that a rider loses after each race.

The Law Of Playing Tennis (part 1)

The Law Of Playing Tennis (part 1)

Law on Fixed Equipment on Tennis Courts

Regarding the number of tennis arbitrators: On a normal game field, there will be a referee, a referee and a person who picks the ball when standing in the right position is also considered a fixed device. However, having the highest level matches, there can be up to 11 referees on the field at the same time.

The Law Of Playing Tennis (part 1)

Game Rules of Tennis Ball Competition

The ball must have the same outer surface, covered with a felt layer and yellow or white. If there is a way to connect, it must not reveal stitches. The ball has a diameter of 6.35 cm to 6.67 cm, the weight ranges from 56 g to 59.4 g and the bouncing is in the range of 134, 62 cm to 147, 62 cm when dropping from a height of 254 cm down.

Type 1 – Fast speed: with forward distortion greater than 0.495 cm and less than 0.597 cm; the later deformation is 0.749 cm larger and 0.965 cm smaller when the 8,165 kg impact force is applied to the ball

Types 2 and 3 – Medium and slow speed: forward distortion greater than 0.559 cm and less than 0.737 cm; the later deformation is greater than 0,800 cm and less than 1,080 cm when the impact force is 8,165 kg.

When playing at altitudes above 1,219 m above sea level, two additional types of balls can be used:

– The first type has the same rules as described above, except the rebound value is in the range of 121.92 cm to 134.62 cm and has an internal pressure greater than the external pressure. This type is often called compression ball. The second type also has the criteria as described above, except for the value of bouncing in the range of 134.62 cm – 147.32 cm and having an internal pressure equivalent to the external pressure.

Basic knowledge of baseball

Baseball is a US-based sport, so far, the sport still leads the way in Japanese fans and is the world’s most popular sport with more than 500 million. followers. This is a sport that has the most rules and a rather complex but team-playing technique.

Common terms used in baseball

For those who are new to baseball, the terms used in this discipline are quite confusing. But, as a fan of this sport, you need to take some time to learn how to play, the basic terms commonly used to easily watch the game, or you can is the player. We will review the basic words and give instructions on how to play, find out!

Player: player

Batter: the batter

Pitcher: the pitcher

Catcher: the ball keeper

First base: 1st base pin

Second base: 2nd base pin

Third base: 3rd base pin

At bat: a ball hit

Out: the batter is eliminated

Save: your team player runs to take the golf course

Runner: the runner runs on golf

A triple: finish beating, the runner runs to 3rd base

A base hit: a successful shot, the batter is able to take possession of the goal

Home-run: a strong blow that makes the ball fly out of the yard, a direct hit


Tools needed in baseball

Baseball gloves

Baseball gloves are made of soft leather, making it easy for players to catch the ball off an opponent’s team or ball. For the baller, in addition to wearing gloves, it is possible to wear baseball shirts for protection when catching the ball.


Baseball consists of two types: softball and softball:

– Hardballs with a diameter of about 72.9 – 74.8mm; The weight is about 141.7 – 148.8 grams

– Softball has many types, usually for students to play and in SoftBall

Baseball bat

A wooden baseball bat may be a smooth metal, with a diameter of not more than 2.75 inches in the thickest place, not exceeding 42 inches in length, weighing about 1 kg.

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

Roger Federer overcame the young Greek talent Stefanos Tsitsipas with a score of 6-4 after 2 sets to become the second player to hit 100 titles, after the legendary Jimmy Connors.

Having won the Dubai Open, Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

At night in the UAE, the Dubai Open finals took place between Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Federer started the match smoothly when there was a break in the opening game. The difficulty came with the Swiss player in the game decided to set 1 when Tsitsipas successfully saved 3 set-points and had 2 chances to break. However, Federer’s right-handed saves him to break and win 6-4.

Going to set 2, two players play stably in the first 4 hand-held games. Federer did not miss the chance to rise to the 5-4 lead when the Greek player made a mistake.

Finally, Federer won the final, mark his 8th title in Dubai and the 100th title in his career.

The championship also helped the Swiss player return to 4th place on March 3 when there were 500 bonus points. The 37-year-old left Dubai with $ 565,636, bringing the total career bonus to $ 121 million.

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

The memorable journey of Roger Federer to the milestone of 100 titles

The first title in his career: February 4, 2001 at Milan’s tennis tournament, Federer defeated Julien Boutter 2-1 to win his first career title at the age of 19. And 15 months later, He won the first Masters

10th title (October 2003): Federer successfully defended the championship in Vienna (Austria) by winning 3 sets with a score of 6-3 against Carlos Moya.

After 22 years since joining the tournament of the ATP Tour system, Roger Federer has created a series of memorable milestones, and the latest is the 100th title.