Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 3)

2. Some fun online baseball games for kids

2.1. Baseball

This game brings you to a real baseball match. You and your team are going to play in one of the most famous baseball leagues in Japan. In Koshien Stadium, your team will mark a stunning point in the history of the game. However, to achieve it, you need to give an excellent performance. All you need to do is aim accurately and adjust your power.

In this game, you play as the batter of your team, so your mission is hitting the ball and trying to get three outs. First, when the pitcher gets ready and the marker which shows the position of the ball appears, you have to use your mouse to move the aim circle toward the marker. Then, you can see another red shape which indicates the direction of the ball. If you want to hit the ball up, aim below the marker, and vice versa. After that, all you need to do is wait for the right time to swing. Click the left mouse to hit the ball. If you play in easy mode, a strike zone will appear on the screen, and if the ball is out of the box, you should leave it alone for the “Ball.” Like a real match, after hitting the ball, you have to run to the first base. To reach the next base, click the Run button, and to speed up, press the Slice button. Now, let’s try this game and bring victory to your team.

2.2. Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

If you are not familiar with the atmosphere of a big stadium in a major league, you should try this game. This game gives you a chance to join in a baseball match in the street with your friends. It might remind you of your childhood. Since you play with your friends in a park, you are not under any pressure to perform well. So, play this game and enjoy your time.

To start this game, you must choose your team first. There are lots of teams with lovely names such as Team Bears, Thunderstorm Team, etc. Then, you can select your character. There are three levels. In each level, you will play in different places. To finish one level and move to the next one, you have to gain the required points. Use your mouse to move the character, and click the left mouse to hit the ball.

In general, baseball is a famous game which receives lots of favorites from kids as well as adults. This game helps children develop their teamwork and problem-solving skills, besides improving their physical strength. With the online baseball games in this article, you can show your kids some basic things about baseball before they go out there and compete with a real bat and ball. 

Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 2)

1. Baseball fun facts

– An inning consists of two halves; the first one is the top and the second one is the bottom. Each team will play defence or offensive in each haft. A full game consists of 9 innings. However, it might be shortened or extended for some reasons.

– Two teams will end one inning if they get three outs. There are various ways to get outs.

– The pitcher and batter join in every play. The mission of the pitcher is delivering the ball so that the batter can’t hit it, but if the batter can, the defence will come into play so that they can get one out.

– The pitcher has to wipe his hand on his jersey before gripping the ball — it’s the rule.

– To increase the chances of getting a home run, players should hit the baseball at the spot of the bat called the sweet spot, which is in an area between 5 and 7 inches from the barrel of the bat. When a player hits this sweet spot, you can hear a “cracking ”sound. 

– A curveball from a pitcher can gain over 17 inches away from the straight line.

– The most popular food sold during a baseball match is hot dogs. During the 2014 primary league season, more than 21,357,000 hot dogs and 5 million sausages were consumed. 

– A typical baseball match lasts 3 hours. While the longest lasted 8 hours, with 25 innings, between the Chicago White Foxes and Milwaukee Brewers, in 1984, the shortest one only lasted 52 minutes, in 1919, between The New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

– Players started wearing colored jerseys based on their positions in 1882. Then, one year later, the owner of the team could choose the team uniform. However, the color of stockings would be decided by the leagues.

Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 1)

Besides football, baseball is also so famous that this sport is played from the west to the east. Baseball attracts not only adults but also children. This sport is one of the most popular extra activities after school in Japan, and they also have lots of baseball tournaments for teenagers.

On the other hand, baseball is also popular among adults. Sometimes, lots of companies organize baseball matches at the weekend or after work so that they can strengthen the relationships between their employees and improve their ability to work in a team. Because of its popularity, now, baseball is not only a sport or a game that people have to team up to play, but it has also become one of the best sports games. It means you can enjoy this sport with a baseball bat and ball on your laptop.

To this end, we want to share with you some fun online baseball games so that you can try this sport right in your warm room with your blanket. But before that, we also want to outline some fun facts about baseball. These facts are for kids because this sport is helpful for them to enhance their teamwork and problem-solving skills. So, if you are parents and want your kids to enjoy their free time, you can find some useful information here before deciding to choose this sport or not.

Baseball on the Chalk Line of the Infield

1. Baseball fun facts

– It’s said that baseball was invented around the 1700s or early 1800s. It’s considered to have some of the deepest roots in American sports.

– A baseball match can last as long as it needs to. The longest game was called off after more than 8 hours of play.

– The distance between bases is 90 feet, and the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home is 60 feet.

Basic knowledge of baseball

Baseball is a US-based sport, so far, the sport still leads the way in Japanese fans and is the world’s most popular sport with more than 500 million. followers. This is a sport that has the most rules and a rather complex but team-playing technique.

Common terms used in baseball

For those who are new to baseball, the terms used in this discipline are quite confusing. But, as a fan of this sport, you need to take some time to learn how to play, the basic terms commonly used to easily watch the game, or you can is the player. We will review the basic words and give instructions on how to play, find out!

Player: player

Batter: the batter

Pitcher: the pitcher

Catcher: the ball keeper

First base: 1st base pin

Second base: 2nd base pin

Third base: 3rd base pin

At bat: a ball hit

Out: the batter is eliminated

Save: your team player runs to take the golf course

Runner: the runner runs on golf

A triple: finish beating, the runner runs to 3rd base

A base hit: a successful shot, the batter is able to take possession of the goal

Home-run: a strong blow that makes the ball fly out of the yard, a direct hit


Tools needed in baseball

Baseball gloves

Baseball gloves are made of soft leather, making it easy for players to catch the ball off an opponent’s team or ball. For the baller, in addition to wearing gloves, it is possible to wear baseball shirts for protection when catching the ball.


Baseball consists of two types: softball and softball:

– Hardballs with a diameter of about 72.9 – 74.8mm; The weight is about 141.7 – 148.8 grams

– Softball has many types, usually for students to play and in SoftBall

Baseball bat

A wooden baseball bat may be a smooth metal, with a diameter of not more than 2.75 inches in the thickest place, not exceeding 42 inches in length, weighing about 1 kg.

Baseball – “KING” sport in Japan

Baseball - "KING" sport in Japan

In Japan, football is a sport that receives a lot of attention and develops very quickly. However, this is not the most popular sport in Japan. The sport that attracts the largest number of fan here is baseball.

Overview of Japanese baseball history

Japan’s professional baseball tournament started in 1937. However, baseball was known in Japan more than half a century ago. Around the 1870s, baseball was brought into Japan by some American teachers and professors. It was used as a tool to show off the physical and intellectual strength of the players. In the first professional tournament, there was only one prize and eight teams competed in two seasons: spring and autumn. In 1950, the tournament expanded with 14 participating teams. It was divided into two separate tournaments with a certain number of teams. After many years, some teams changed their names.

The rules

Baseball - "KING" sport in Japan

Until 2000, teams often played between 130 and 135 matches a season. However, since the 2001 season, teams have played 140 matches in a season. Matches will determine the winner after 9 rounds. In each round, 2 teams will take turns to fight and defend. After the team has 3 players out, 2 teams will exchange positions for each other to continue. The turn of each round is called Omote (表), and the return is called Ura (裏 or ウ ラ).

In each season, the Central League and the Pacific League will select 28 best players to form two teams to compete against each other. Of the 28 Central League players, fans voted 11 players, the remaining 17 players were chosen by the coaches. In the Pacific League, the fans elected 12 players (one more DH player), and the others were voted by the coaches. After each season, about 200 experts will vote on the 9 best players in 9 positions on each field award to award “Best Nine Awards”.