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The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 2)


4. GP motorcycle racing

Born in the 40s of the twentieth century, GP Motorbike is known as one of the motor racing tournaments with great attraction because of its fierce competition and thrust and attraction through each race.

To increase the attraction of this dramatic speed sport, the World Motor Federation (FIM) has introduced a new law to increase the engine cylinder capacity of vehicles participating in GP motorcycles from 800 to 1000 cubic centimeters.

The minimum weight of the car is also increased from 150 kg to 153 kg and FIM also does not limit the engine cycle. Just like F1 racing, GP motorbike racing is a place to show off the high-tech technology platform of the motorcycle industry, 14 participating teams are outstanding drivers with passion, quickness and courage.

5. Dog racing

Dog racing was first organized in 1876 in the United Kingdom, followed by the United States (1920) and spread across other continents. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the only place where dog racing is organized. The race dog is named Gray hound. People love Greyhound because they run very fast. So they are used to hunt antelopes and hares. In ancient Egypt, Greyhound breeds were used to escort Pharaohs and families as an expression of power.

On Friday and Saturday evening, the atmosphere at Lam Son Stadium (Vung Tau) is bustling and exciting because of the cheering and enthusiastic cheering of thousands of spectators for racing dogs here. Still a representative of speed, courage and agility, but Greyhound dogs are not aggressive, but they are very gentle, friendly and lovely. After 1 week of being trained and trained by the coach, the dogs are given to compete. On average, in every life, every dog ​​is played about 100 times.

World’s Top 4 Dangerous Sport

World's Top 4 Dangerous Sport

The adventure sports below are only for those who are passionate about adventure and are willing to challenge!

Speed ​​skating on the volcanic slopes

Gliding down from the 714m high volcano at a speed of 50 mph with just a protected skateboard! This is considered one of the most adventurous sports.

Thousands of visitors arrive at the foot of Cerro Negro Mountain in Nicaragua each year to participate in this sports fever. Those who slip in protective suits, knee pads and helmets can reach speeds of 80 km / h (50 mph) on their special plywood slide.

“Surfing” on the roof of a train

World's Top 4 Dangerous Sport

Often considered illegal sports, “surfing” on the roof of the train requires players to slide on the roof of a running train or subway. Practicing this sport became a serious problem in South Africa when a lot of young people were killed or injured. This “sport” was popular in 1980 in Germany and is known as “S-Bahn Surfing”. The sport was later forgotten but in 2005, a group of people in Frankfrut, Germany found it and played these extremely dangerous sports.

Bungee jumping to the lake of crocodiles

Are you bored with bungee jumping (throwing yourself down from a high altitude, creating a strong feeling) normally? Perhaps you should spice up these extreme sports by jumping bungee into a stream full of crocodiles.

Jumping from the cliff

Adding a new dimension to diving and jumping from cliffs is defined as perfect for acrobats and thrills. Not afraid of the big boulders, the players of this sport are really reckless when they plunge into the water below to experience the memorable moment of their lives.

Although being dangerous, these sports are good ways to practice courage, concentration and skills for those who are adventurous and want to conquer challenges!