Nicolas Pepe

Arsenal’s record-expensive star continued to slide

Nicolas Pepe faced the risk of being on the bench for a long time after an act of distraction in the 0-0 draw against Leeds United on the morning of November 23.

“Now what about Pepe? Arsenal’s £ 72m signing faces a long way to go back after a crazy moment at Leeds United,” said Charles Watts, a big headline on Goal.

Pepe kicked his own chance
Arsenal strategist Mikel Arteta was dumbfounded when he saw referee Anthony Taylor watching the VAR screen. Arsenal captain seems to know what will happen to Pepe like everyone else.

It is only a matter of time until referee Taylor pulls out a red card for Pepe. The Ivory Coast player pretended to be shocked at the decision of the “Black King”. That makes no sense.

But that’s not what the worst happened to Pepe. Former midfielder Lille “kicked” the chance to score with coach Mikel Arteta. The scenario of Pepe having to sit on the bench after the suspension ends is gradually appearing.

Pepe is still a little bit lucky when Arsenal found a 0-0 draw against Leeds United. However, that most likely does not change coach Mikel Arteta’s plan to use personnel, who has suffered a lot of pressure related to having Pepe start.

During a trip to West Yorkshire, the Spaniard responded to what the home team fans wanted. He put Pepe in the starting lineup, but the winger disappointed his teacher.

Pepe destroys the best that he has created before having to receive a red card. He had a situation of speed dribbling on the left wing, before making a dangerous cross in.

However, Pepe’s crazy moments will make fans remember forever and forget the value he brought to “Gunners”. Goal commentary blockbuster £ 72 million will face a real battle to regain confidence from coach Mikel Arteta in the near future.