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7 most popular water sports in the word (part 1)

Snorkeling (Scuba diving)

Playing water sports is one of the most favorite leisure activities when spending time on vacation on the yacht. If you like scuba diving, make sure you cannot deny diving with snorkels in the ocean, watching coral reefs and colorful fish swimming around you.

Let’s check out 7 most popular water sports in the world in the article below!

1. Snorkeling (Scuba diving)

If you love the beauty of the sea, and watch the life under the water in the most vivid way, snorkelling is definitely the right sport for you. Imagine you will be like a resident of the ocean: A sunny morning, you jump into the warm water from the yacht in trendy diving suits and swim with fish, admire strange creatures that are hard to get visible in artificial aquarium.

Snorkeling (Scuba diving)

In addition, when you choose to watch marine plants and animals right in the ocean, you have contributed to the protection of marine animals and plants. By reducing one person to the aquarium means increasing the chance for these creatures not to be caught as a pastime.

2. Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is becoming popular with its speed against face by the simplicity and safety of this sport. If with wakeboarding you will have to attach to the boat and be towed with wakesurfing, you will be completely independent and just need to surf right behind the boat (because when the boat is running, it will create waves for you to surf on the water).

This is also considered a highly community sport because you will be surfing behind the yacht with close range. Therefore, you can easily chat as well as just friends and children how to play wakesurfing.

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 2)


4. GP motorcycle racing

Born in the 40s of the twentieth century, GP Motorbike is known as one of the motor racing tournaments with great attraction because of its fierce competition and thrust and attraction through each race.

To increase the attraction of this dramatic speed sport, the World Motor Federation (FIM) has introduced a new law to increase the engine cylinder capacity of vehicles participating in GP motorcycles from 800 to 1000 cubic centimeters.

The minimum weight of the car is also increased from 150 kg to 153 kg and FIM also does not limit the engine cycle. Just like F1 racing, GP motorbike racing is a place to show off the high-tech technology platform of the motorcycle industry, 14 participating teams are outstanding drivers with passion, quickness and courage.

5. Dog racing

Dog racing was first organized in 1876 in the United Kingdom, followed by the United States (1920) and spread across other continents. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the only place where dog racing is organized. The race dog is named Gray hound. People love Greyhound because they run very fast. So they are used to hunt antelopes and hares. In ancient Egypt, Greyhound breeds were used to escort Pharaohs and families as an expression of power.

On Friday and Saturday evening, the atmosphere at Lam Son Stadium (Vung Tau) is bustling and exciting because of the cheering and enthusiastic cheering of thousands of spectators for racing dogs here. Still a representative of speed, courage and agility, but Greyhound dogs are not aggressive, but they are very gentle, friendly and lovely. After 1 week of being trained and trained by the coach, the dogs are given to compete. On average, in every life, every dog ​​is played about 100 times.

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 1)

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 1)

In addition to football – the most favorite king sport in the world, sailing, racing of GP, horse racing, dog racing, F1 racing, etc. are also popular sports around the world. Let’s check out the most exciting sports that are all about speed!

1. Sailing

Sailing is considered one of the toughest and most dangerous sports. The type of racing boat is actually very expensive sports yachts. It is said that this is a noble sport. Sailing firm Northrop & Johnson is one of the major suppliers of this type of sport, such as the 26 million UAD “Mr. Terrible” or the “Gallant Lady” that costs up to 42,5 million USD.

2. Horse racing 

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in mankind. Previously, to find a good racing horse, people often consider Arab racing horses because of their incredible speed. Over the centuries, Arab racing horses are still strong, brave, fast-paced horses with the greatest stamina. Although it is popular, to really play this sport, one has to spend thousands of dollars on buying horses and nurturing them.

3. F1 racing:

The most exciting speed sports in the world (part 1)

Formula 1 racing is a very good adventure sport. Each game burns up 70 liters of fuel for 100 km, gathers a team of up to 100 people to serve the race. Not only a competition to win between teams, but it is also the race of humanity to conquer time limits. The famous F1 racing is always a place to show off the top technology platform of the automobile industry.

The philosophy “Nothing backward by yesterday’s technology” is the intellectual power of the F1 racing sport. Although there is not much movement, F1 requires drivers to have physical strength. 2 kg is the average weight that a rider loses after each race.

5 most popular sports in the world

Football (about 3.5 billion people).

Football has simple and easy rules to play. This helps football become the most popular sport in the world. Football grows at a very fast pace and has wide coverage throughout the planet. Currently, cities in the world often have one or several teams of their own. Every match is always a surprise to viewers.

Cricket (about 2.5 billion people).

Today the sport is mostly played in the countries of Oceania, West Indies (the Caribbean and North Atlantic), South Africa and the British Isles. It has a large fan base because it is popular in populous countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. In the early 1700s, this sport was popular with the complete legal system.

Cricket also included two 11-player teams competing against each other. But this law allows games to last until the winner is selected. So there was a cricket match that took place until 5 days before it ended.

Field hockey (about 2 billion people).

Hockey is a sport with a ball. Each team has 11 players. This discipline was originally developed separately in Europe and Asia from the 3rd century BC. But it was not until the nineteenth century that the British developed the discipline and the existing law system, and spread it to their colonial regions.

India, Pakistan, Australia, and the Netherlands are the strongest countries in this category. In North America, the number of hockey players is high.

Tennis (about 1 billion people).

If only counting the subjects that take place between the two players, tennis is the most popular subject on the planet. This subject has a history of development before the 14th century. By the middle of the 19th century, this subject had a modern system of laws. Tennis attracts many players.

Volleyball (about 900 million people).

Volleyball is a sport with relatively simple rules. The match may take place on grass, cement yard or sand court. Volleyball was first held at the Olympics in 1964. The United States and Brazil were the two countries that dominated beach volleyball.