How to become a good sports coach (part 2)

  1. Pay attention to both soft and hard skills

At one time or another, we all seem to support or hide when a very good professional colleague brings trouble to us in a bad way. To become a good coach, you must point out this clearly.

Managers are sometimes hesitant to direct someone too inert, passive, incapable of solving problems, or other things, because they always feel they’re not clear enough, authentication to discuss. However. A successful work environment depends on a lot of things, not simply a place to do the job.

Your coach’s role is to help people develop all the skills they need, not just professional skills.

  1. As a supportive leader for the players

Former business management and ethics expert Robert Greenleaf coined the term servant leadership to describe the path leaders and coaches must treat their followers to turn them into the most effective assistants.

If your team doesn’t serve you the way you want them to, ask yourself: How well have I treated them?

  1. Prepare for each tactical meeting

When starting a training job, the flight will not mean anything. Instead, think about what you’re about to say before saying it out. If you want to critique – try to use the language where you find yourself stuck or things you can make a difference to.

Again, it is not about judging a person, but trying to get them into the game field and help them do their best.

  1. Ethical responsibility

A coach must understand the ethics and professional standards of coaching, as well as put into practice the theological theological principles of the profession. In this sense, it is not only valuable to know these rules, but they must also be applied daily to professional practice.

  1. Start when needed
    Coaches are personal development experts and not psychologists that provide psychotherapy (except for some who are also clinical psychologists). It is possible to introduce your player to another expert if necessary.

How to become a good sports coach? (part 1)

The essence of excellent training depends on the 8 basic tips below.

  1. It all depends on the relationship

You cannot train if you do not take the time to build a strong relationship with your team. So every day take a certain amount of time to get to know the team members. Pay attention to hobbies and things they hate at work, what makes them frustrated or excited, interests outside of work, and let them understand you. You will be well paid for the time you spend doing these things.

  1. Always obey the 7: 1 rule

Seven clear feedback must be made for each constructive feedback you receive, or you’ll be considered overly critical. Choose the right time when people are good at something and cheer them up with compliments, even if they’re just doing what they are paid to do.

  1. Clearly express your expectations

When you hand someone a project, discuss the deadline, the outcome, and how successful it is. Never hope everyone can read your mind.

  1. Speak out directly when you realize that any behaviors may be improved

Note that the senior sports coaches of the league never wait until the end of the season or even the end of the game to train the players. They train right after each play and turn.

If you give the guide regularly and reasonably, the review of lousy performances will only be formal, because you have really worked on developing the staff throughout the year.

  1. Train everyone on the playing field

A workplace is like a playing field with rules, boundaries and strategies. Your job is to make sure the players are on the court and not beyond the boundaries. The key here is to focus on helping each person achieve success.

For example, let us mention one of the salespeople who spends a lot of time fixing technical problems for customers, but does not fulfill sales targets. You can remind him that while solving such problems is necessary, the final goal here is to sell the product. Encourage him to contact a more competent colleague to find out how smoothly the job is done.

Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 3)

2. Some fun online baseball games for kids

2.1. Baseball

This game brings you to a real baseball match. You and your team are going to play in one of the most famous baseball leagues in Japan. In Koshien Stadium, your team will mark a stunning point in the history of the game. However, to achieve it, you need to give an excellent performance. All you need to do is aim accurately and adjust your power.

In this game, you play as the batter of your team, so your mission is hitting the ball and trying to get three outs. First, when the pitcher gets ready and the marker which shows the position of the ball appears, you have to use your mouse to move the aim circle toward the marker. Then, you can see another red shape which indicates the direction of the ball. If you want to hit the ball up, aim below the marker, and vice versa. After that, all you need to do is wait for the right time to swing. Click the left mouse to hit the ball. If you play in easy mode, a strike zone will appear on the screen, and if the ball is out of the box, you should leave it alone for the “Ball.” Like a real match, after hitting the ball, you have to run to the first base. To reach the next base, click the Run button, and to speed up, press the Slice button. Now, let’s try this game and bring victory to your team.

2.2. Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

If you are not familiar with the atmosphere of a big stadium in a major league, you should try this game. This game gives you a chance to join in a baseball match in the street with your friends. It might remind you of your childhood. Since you play with your friends in a park, you are not under any pressure to perform well. So, play this game and enjoy your time.

To start this game, you must choose your team first. There are lots of teams with lovely names such as Team Bears, Thunderstorm Team, etc. Then, you can select your character. There are three levels. In each level, you will play in different places. To finish one level and move to the next one, you have to gain the required points. Use your mouse to move the character, and click the left mouse to hit the ball.

In general, baseball is a famous game which receives lots of favorites from kids as well as adults. This game helps children develop their teamwork and problem-solving skills, besides improving their physical strength. With the online baseball games in this article, you can show your kids some basic things about baseball before they go out there and compete with a real bat and ball. 

Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 2)

1. Baseball fun facts

– An inning consists of two halves; the first one is the top and the second one is the bottom. Each team will play defence or offensive in each haft. A full game consists of 9 innings. However, it might be shortened or extended for some reasons.

– Two teams will end one inning if they get three outs. There are various ways to get outs.

– The pitcher and batter join in every play. The mission of the pitcher is delivering the ball so that the batter can’t hit it, but if the batter can, the defence will come into play so that they can get one out.

– The pitcher has to wipe his hand on his jersey before gripping the ball — it’s the rule.

– To increase the chances of getting a home run, players should hit the baseball at the spot of the bat called the sweet spot, which is in an area between 5 and 7 inches from the barrel of the bat. When a player hits this sweet spot, you can hear a “cracking ”sound. 

– A curveball from a pitcher can gain over 17 inches away from the straight line.

– The most popular food sold during a baseball match is hot dogs. During the 2014 primary league season, more than 21,357,000 hot dogs and 5 million sausages were consumed. 

– A typical baseball match lasts 3 hours. While the longest lasted 8 hours, with 25 innings, between the Chicago White Foxes and Milwaukee Brewers, in 1984, the shortest one only lasted 52 minutes, in 1919, between The New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

– Players started wearing colored jerseys based on their positions in 1882. Then, one year later, the owner of the team could choose the team uniform. However, the color of stockings would be decided by the leagues.

Fun Facts About Baseball for Kids and Some Fun Online Baseball Games (part 1)

Besides football, baseball is also so famous that this sport is played from the west to the east. Baseball attracts not only adults but also children. This sport is one of the most popular extra activities after school in Japan, and they also have lots of baseball tournaments for teenagers.

On the other hand, baseball is also popular among adults. Sometimes, lots of companies organize baseball matches at the weekend or after work so that they can strengthen the relationships between their employees and improve their ability to work in a team. Because of its popularity, now, baseball is not only a sport or a game that people have to team up to play, but it has also become one of the best sports games. It means you can enjoy this sport with a baseball bat and ball on your laptop.

To this end, we want to share with you some fun online baseball games so that you can try this sport right in your warm room with your blanket. But before that, we also want to outline some fun facts about baseball. These facts are for kids because this sport is helpful for them to enhance their teamwork and problem-solving skills. So, if you are parents and want your kids to enjoy their free time, you can find some useful information here before deciding to choose this sport or not.

Baseball on the Chalk Line of the Infield

1. Baseball fun facts

– It’s said that baseball was invented around the 1700s or early 1800s. It’s considered to have some of the deepest roots in American sports.

– A baseball match can last as long as it needs to. The longest game was called off after more than 8 hours of play.

– The distance between bases is 90 feet, and the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home is 60 feet.

Why Should Girls Play Sports?

You know that doing regular physical exercise is beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit of a girl. You can get your everyday dose of endorphins by jogging around the block.

Mainly, why should you play sports? We have discovered that they offer some great benefits for girls other than getting fit and having fun.

Here are some of them:

1. You do better in school

Do you think that athletics can take up every study time? As per research, girls playing sports do better at school and have more chances of graduation compared to those who do not. Exercise enhances memory, concentration, and learning – meaning that it gives you an advantage when the classroom entails.

2. Girls that play sports tend to improve goal-setting and teamwork skills

Working with teammates, coaches, and trainers to win their games as well as meeting their goals is a fantastic practice for success in your life. Also, being a team player is likely to make it easier to cooperate with others as well as solving problems, whether they are in the workplace or on the field.

3. Hidden health benefits

Several perks of sports are apparent such as fitness enhancement and healthy weight maintenance. Not all, girls who play sports do not tend to smoke and are less likely to get breast cancer as well as osteoporosis later in life. Undoubtedly, you can get these perks from any exercise type. Yet, if you have difficulty getting to the gym, then you may be more motivated to show up and play when you know your teammates and coaches depend on you.

4. Build self-confidence

Those involved in athletics often feel better about themselves, not only physically but also socially. It helps to improve confidence as you see your skills enhancing and your goals coming true.

What are the best health benefits of tennis? (Part 2)

4. Improve your bone health

As you know, playing tennis is only suitable for your muscles. Other than that, it has a positive effect on your bones. Exercising regularly can raise your peak bone mass as well as slowing the rate of loss of bone mass over time. According to NIU (the National Institutes of Health), bone mass peaks at the age of 30 or so and starts to decrease after that. You can optimize your bone mass before that age through exercise. Plus, continuing to exercise following 30 can slow the bone loss rate. The NIH names this sport as being among the weight-bearing activities, Tennis is indeed suited to building strong bones.

5. Make your heart healthy

A tennis match is on par with a lot of little sprints. The fast anaerobic movements the sport asks for burns fat, increases the heart rate, and promotes a higher level of energy. Tennis matches tend to last about one hour or two and at intervals, which are optimal for enhancing cardiovascular health, which is vital for lowering the risk of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

6. Better balance, flexibility, and coordination

The sport requires the cooperation of your whole body. Your feet maneuver you into the proper position, the hands and arms position the racquet for making contact with the ball. Also, the torso and legs offer the power to deliver the ball flying over a net. The factors all come together whenever you hit the ball. Each shot takes coordination, balance, and flexibility. Flexibility is great since it can give you plenty of motion, help prevent injuries as well as reducing muscle strain.

7. Boost your mood

The players of tennis are more optimistic and less anxious than those who play other sports – the scientists in Connecticut pointed out.

What are the best health benefits of tennis? (Part 1)

Doubles, singles, or against the backboard yourself, tennis is one of the most fantastic activities which work to keep anyone in shape whether they are five years old or 90. It indeed keeps the muscular and cardiovascular system in the best shape even when you age. Also, this strategic mental game allows you to appreciate the outdoors’ fresh air to your fullest. Below are some benefits it would bring to you.

1. Enable your full-body workout

Unlike several sports, involving in tennis is an excellent workout for your whole body. By playing it, you get the most out of the lower body for starting, running, jumping, and stopping. Further, the ball-hitting action, whether it is double-handed or single, means the trunk does a significant amount of work, especially your upper back and shoulders.

2. Enhance anaerobic and aerobic health

Playing this game allows for an improvement in your oxygen intake. It raises the heart rate and helps the blood deliver nutrients and oxygen to every muscle. Besides, it supports the development of many capillary beds and capillaries in your muscles so that they can get better blood flow and supply. They will fatigue more slowly and work more highly. What is more, this sport contributes to the maintenance of your anaerobic health. It lets the muscles use oxygen better and offers fast energy spurts for swift movements and explosive power.

3. Burn your fat and calories

Swinging, running, pivoting, reaching – this terrific game is possibly a fantastic workout with your proper opponent. As a full-body sport, it allows you to burn many calories. You see, you are on a constant move. Believe it or not, it is considered one of the best sports that helps you burn most quantities of calories. Dancing, weight lifting, golf playing, volleyball playing, etc. cannot beat it.

France was held in Turkey

1-1 draw with Turkey on 14/10 made France unable to win tickets early for Euro 2020.

France 1-1 Turkey

Losing Turkey 0-2 in the first leg, France was determined to pay the debt to the opponent when pressed for 90 minutes. But the excellence of goalkeeper Mert Gunok and luck helped Turkey leave Stade de France with a point and maintain the top of Group H after eight matches

France created 21 chances and finished the goal nine times during the match. However, the number of goals they scored is only equal to Turkey – the team holds 35% of the ball and finishes the goal exactly once.

Antoine Griezmann, after a faint spell at Barca, plays prominently in the French squad. Almost every rise of the home team is through the foot of the 28-year-old striker. Griezmann and Moussa Sissoko own an outstanding opportunity on the home side. But neither of them could win against Mert Gunok or miss the target.

France held the ball a lot but got stuck in scoring, until Olivier Giroud came on. After only four minutes of participation, the Chelsea striker headed high to open the scoring from a corner in the 76th minute.

When the victory was firmly in the hands of the reigning champions of the World Cup, Turkey suddenly had a goal to remove from the rare opportunity in the match. 82 minutes, from a free kick away from goal Steve Mandanda, Hakan Calhanoglu hung the ball to defender Kaan Ayhan to head level the score.

Draw 1-1, France missed the opportunity to win tickets early in the Euro 2020 final. Teachers and teachers Didier Deschamps had the same 19 points as Turkey but ranked behind because of poor performance in the confrontation in Group H. These two teams are better than Iceland four points when qualifying still has two matches, and are all in the finals. France met Moldova and Albania in the remainder of the qualifying round, while Turkey met Iceland directly in the penultimate match and then guests on Andorra in the last match.

Atletico and Real are inconclusive

Real maintained the top of the table after drawing Atletico 0-0 in round 7 of La Liga, yesterday 28/9.

Not many chances were created in the 90 minutes of the Madrid derby, when the defense of both teams played closely. The game was heavy on tactics and most of the time the ball rolled in the middle of the field. Both teams showed great effort to regain control when the ball was still far from the home goal.

The five-man midfield with Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale on the wings and Casemiro, Federico Valverde, Toni Kroos in the center to help Real not lose to Atletico. The home side played with four midfielders stretching and relying heavily on the strength and mobility of Ghana player, Thomas Partey.

Partey received the highest score from the prestigious Spanish journalist Sid Lowe, during the day he was at most of the hot spots on the pitch and the ball dispute was successful at a rate of 100%. On the offensive side, the 26-year-old midfielder created two of Atletico’s most visible chances in the first half as well as the whole match.

One came from the cross-section that slowly sent the ball across the goal of Thibaut Courtois in Diego Costa’s helplessness, and in another situation, he put Kieran Trippier into the empty area in the penalty area. The England international then passed in but was disbanded by Courtois.

Real’s chances are seen as clearer, when at least twice they forced Jan Oblak to dump all his strength to save. In the game of tit-for-tat at the end of the first half, the two teams continued shooting long distances. 40 minutes into the match, Toni Kroos created Real’s outstanding situation with a curling ball from Oblak.

In the second half, Luka Modric replaced Valverde and brought positive energy to Real. The visitors had the best chance in the 75th minute. Benzema headed into the far post after Nacho’s cross, but Jan Oblak saved Atletico narrowly.

In the second half of the second half, midfielder Saul had to play as a left-back instead of Renan Lodi, but Bale and James Rodriguez could not exploit much from this position. The result of a draw without a goal reflects the situation, in the match that only two teams had a total of four shots on goal.

A point earned at the Wanda Metropolitano helped Real maintain the top of La Liga with 15 points, one point more than Atletico and two points more than Barca.