What are the best health benefits of tennis? (Part 2)

4. Improve your bone health

As you know, playing tennis is only suitable for your muscles. Other than that, it has a positive effect on your bones. Exercising regularly can raise your peak bone mass as well as slowing the rate of loss of bone mass over time. According to NIU (the National Institutes of Health), bone mass peaks at the age of 30 or so and starts to decrease after that. You can optimize your bone mass before that age through exercise. Plus, continuing to exercise following 30 can slow the bone loss rate. The NIH names this sport as being among the weight-bearing activities, Tennis is indeed suited to building strong bones.

5. Make your heart healthy

A tennis match is on par with a lot of little sprints. The fast anaerobic movements the sport asks for burns fat, increases the heart rate, and promotes a higher level of energy. Tennis matches tend to last about one hour or two and at intervals, which are optimal for enhancing cardiovascular health, which is vital for lowering the risk of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

6. Better balance, flexibility, and coordination

The sport requires the cooperation of your whole body. Your feet maneuver you into the proper position, the hands and arms position the racquet for making contact with the ball. Also, the torso and legs offer the power to deliver the ball flying over a net. The factors all come together whenever you hit the ball. Each shot takes coordination, balance, and flexibility. Flexibility is great since it can give you plenty of motion, help prevent injuries as well as reducing muscle strain.

7. Boost your mood

The players of tennis are more optimistic and less anxious than those who play other sports – the scientists in Connecticut pointed out.

What are the best health benefits of tennis? (Part 1)

Doubles, singles, or against the backboard yourself, tennis is one of the most fantastic activities which work to keep anyone in shape whether they are five years old or 90. It indeed keeps the muscular and cardiovascular system in the best shape even when you age. Also, this strategic mental game allows you to appreciate the outdoors’ fresh air to your fullest. Below are some benefits it would bring to you.

1. Enable your full-body workout

Unlike several sports, involving in tennis is an excellent workout for your whole body. By playing it, you get the most out of the lower body for starting, running, jumping, and stopping. Further, the ball-hitting action, whether it is double-handed or single, means the trunk does a significant amount of work, especially your upper back and shoulders.

2. Enhance anaerobic and aerobic health

Playing this game allows for an improvement in your oxygen intake. It raises the heart rate and helps the blood deliver nutrients and oxygen to every muscle. Besides, it supports the development of many capillary beds and capillaries in your muscles so that they can get better blood flow and supply. They will fatigue more slowly and work more highly. What is more, this sport contributes to the maintenance of your anaerobic health. It lets the muscles use oxygen better and offers fast energy spurts for swift movements and explosive power.

3. Burn your fat and calories

Swinging, running, pivoting, reaching – this terrific game is possibly a fantastic workout with your proper opponent. As a full-body sport, it allows you to burn many calories. You see, you are on a constant move. Believe it or not, it is considered one of the best sports that helps you burn most quantities of calories. Dancing, weight lifting, golf playing, volleyball playing, etc. cannot beat it.

Murray: ‘I’ll be back to the highest level in four months’

UK player Andy Murray aims to compete fairly with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in 2020.

“Over the years, I have compared many times to Nadal and Federer at the highest level, although not every time I won,” Andy Murray told Sky Sports on 12/9. “I lost more than I won, obviously. But when I entered the pitch, I always had the feeling that I could win. I didn’t want to play against them but I knew I would lose, or not have a chance. It will be a big psychological challenge. But maybe in the next four or five months, I can confidently compete with them at the highest level. I need to be patient and not expect too much at this point. ” .

Andy Murray has struggled with a hip injury for the past two years. The 32-year-old was supposed to retire, but returned to play after a few months of hip surgery. Last month, he won two single matches at the Rafa Nadal Open in Mallorca. It was the first Challenger Tour event that Murray attended in 14 years. Murray decided not to attend the US Open, feeling he was not in the best shape after losing to Richard Gasquet in the first round of ATP Cincinnati. Scottish tennis players present themselves at a level equivalent to the world’s 150th rank. In fact, Murray’s rank is now 415.

“Based on the situation of the training sessions, I think my own kicks are fine,” Murray added. “My skills are still there. I just need to improve my physical strength and speed a bit. I think I can do it.”

On 12/9, Murray confirmed attending ATP 1000 in Shanghai by special capacity. The tournament will take place from October 6-13. Murray won 22 games and lost three times here. The 32-year-old has won the championship three times in Shanghai in 2010, 2011 and 2016.

Before coming to Shanghai, Murray will return to the ATP Tour at the Zhuhai Championship, starting on September 23. He also confirmed that he will attend China Open and European Open – the tournament held in Antwerp, Belgium. The biggest goal that the three Grand Slam owners aim to be fair competition in the Australian Open 2020.

HOT sports news 8/8: Nadal takes injury at Rogers Cup

Nadal worried about injuries at Rogers Cup

The Spanish player is quite cautious with the hard court at Rogers Cup. According to tennisworldusa, after winning the victory over Dan Evans, Rafa shared worries: “The field is very fast, so is the ball. Those are the ball lines that pressure the elbows and wrists. Ball hits are often quite heavy but it is not a new problem. I always try and hope the organizers will find a solution. ”

Former heavyweight king Joshua came back

“It doesn’t matter where the rematch takes place. Of course I still struggled for the match to be held in the UK because this is my territory. Being played before nine thousand spectators is an abundant source of energy. I found myself strong enough and could correct the mistake I had made, ”said Joshua, who lost three heavy boxing championships WBA, IBF and WBO on June 1, after being knocked out by Andy Ruiz. -out in the 7th round.

The female champion won over 200 male colleagues

Fiona Kolbinger won 265 opponents, including 245 male riders, in a 4,000-kilometer road race, across five European countries. The delegation originated from Burgas, Bulgaria and ended in Northwestern France. “I went through a great challenge. Now I can practice less sleep habits every day,” Kolbinger said.

American basketball team does not need superstars in the world cup

The fact that a series of top stars all have to withdraw, the champion of the reign must face concerns that this is the weakest American team of the Recent FIBA ​​period. But in sharing with Associated Press’s Tim Reynold, Gregg Popovich’s head coach personally denied.

Tokyo Summer Olympics faces high heat

On August 6, Japan’s Disaster Management Agency said stifling heat has killed 57 people across Japan in just one week from 29 / August 4 – 4 The hospital in Tokyo has received more than 1,800 people due to the hot sun.

The temperature has sparked a health threat to athletes and fans, urging Olympic organizers to face and settle before the Olympics by 2020.

The rise of Djokovic without fear

Enduring efforts are helping the Serbian player to narrow the achievement gap with Federer and Nadal, despite not being favored by fans.

Just passing through Roger Federer‘s achievement for 10 years and 10 days is enough to cover a part of tennis history. Since defeating Andy Roddick in the 2009 Wimbledon final to surpass the record of 14 Grand Slam by Pete Sampras, Swiss star has become the greatest tennis player of all time.

It is a typical story for an aristocratic sport that is proud and elegant. From the manicured grassy yard of Wimbledon to the sunlit clay yard on the Mediterranean coast, beauty is the embodiment of tennis. The sport was built from the legendary hand and left hand, taking place in places with fascinating charm.

But Djokovic made all that shake. Federer appeared on Wimbledon in elegant clothes and behaved like an exemplary gentleman, in stark contrast to the stubborn and angular Djokovic. The Serbian player with a referee control the match, screamed whenever frustrated, and obviously he wanted to get his attention.

The victory on Sunday 14/7 brought Djokovic to the 16th Grand Slam title in his career, and catching Federer’s record was only a matter of time with their age difference of six years. Nole wins less points, winning points are far lower (40 points difference) and is led to two match-point points, but in the end, he still won Wimbledon 2019.

If one day Djokovic breaks Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slam, it is also the time for tennis to face a truth that the way of beating flowers has been defeated.

For his part, Djokovic doesn’t get that much public interest. But no matter what the reason, the Serbian star’s undeniable rise has no room for fear. Maybe, Djokovic never received the admiration of the audience like Federer and Nadal. But to compete with that legendary duo, he has only one way – to win.

Wimbledon women’s singles 2019: Serena Williams and Simona Halep meet in the final

Serena Williams and Simona Halep both have convincing victories in the semi-final to advance to the final match of women’s singles content Wimbledon 2019.

The 7-time champion Wimbledon won her name in the semi-final against Barbora Strycova. Simona Halep’s opponent in the next round will be No. 8 seed Elina Svitolina. The 24-year-old Ukrainian player defeated Karolina Muchova 2-0 (7-5; 6-4). This is considered the most weighted match in the women’s singles semi-finals this year.

The idea of ​​the first semi-final between 7 seed Simona Halep and No. 8 seed Elina Svitolina will be extremely attractive and balanced. However, the reality on the field is different from those expectations.

Halep broke all of Svitolina’s serve in set 1. The former Romanian world number 1 only gave the opponent a break point before closing the first game with a 6-1 victory.

Svitolina Elina played better at the beginning of the 2nd round but could not turn around. Simona Halep won 2 consecutive break points in games 7 and 9 to win the Wimbledon final for the first time with a 2-0 victory (6-1; 6-2).

In the second semifinal match, Serena Williams also easily defeated Barbora Strycova. Before the less famous competitor and only the first time in the semi-finals at Wimbledon, the 7-time champion of the tournament easily surpassed and won 6-1 in the match.

The scenario was not much different in the second game when Serena took the initiative and had 2 break points to win the final 2-0 (6-1; 6-2). At the 11th time to advance to this women’s singles final, she will meet Simona Halep.

In the past, Serena Williams and Simona Halep had 11 encounters. The contemporary legend of the women’s tennis community is keeping the head-to-head score overwhelming with 9 wins and only 2 defeats.

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

Roger Federer overcame the young Greek talent Stefanos Tsitsipas with a score of 6-4 after 2 sets to become the second player to hit 100 titles, after the legendary Jimmy Connors.

Having won the Dubai Open, Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

At night in the UAE, the Dubai Open finals took place between Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Federer started the match smoothly when there was a break in the opening game. The difficulty came with the Swiss player in the game decided to set 1 when Tsitsipas successfully saved 3 set-points and had 2 chances to break. However, Federer’s right-handed saves him to break and win 6-4.

Going to set 2, two players play stably in the first 4 hand-held games. Federer did not miss the chance to rise to the 5-4 lead when the Greek player made a mistake.

Finally, Federer won the final, mark his 8th title in Dubai and the 100th title in his career.

The championship also helped the Swiss player return to 4th place on March 3 when there were 500 bonus points. The 37-year-old left Dubai with $ 565,636, bringing the total career bonus to $ 121 million.

Roger Federer gains the 100th career title

The memorable journey of Roger Federer to the milestone of 100 titles

The first title in his career: February 4, 2001 at Milan’s tennis tournament, Federer defeated Julien Boutter 2-1 to win his first career title at the age of 19. And 15 months later, He won the first Masters

10th title (October 2003): Federer successfully defended the championship in Vienna (Austria) by winning 3 sets with a score of 6-3 against Carlos Moya.

After 22 years since joining the tournament of the ATP Tour system, Roger Federer has created a series of memorable milestones, and the latest is the 100th title.