US Open

Murray: ‘I’ll be back to the highest level in four months’

UK player Andy Murray aims to compete fairly with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in 2020.

“Over the years, I have compared many times to Nadal and Federer at the highest level, although not every time I won,” Andy Murray told Sky Sports on 12/9. “I lost more than I won, obviously. But when I entered the pitch, I always had the feeling that I could win. I didn’t want to play against them but I knew I would lose, or not have a chance. It will be a big psychological challenge. But maybe in the next four or five months, I can confidently compete with them at the highest level. I need to be patient and not expect too much at this point. ” .

Andy Murray has struggled with a hip injury for the past two years. The 32-year-old was supposed to retire, but returned to play after a few months of hip surgery. Last month, he won two single matches at the Rafa Nadal Open in Mallorca. It was the first Challenger Tour event that Murray attended in 14 years. Murray decided not to attend the US Open, feeling he was not in the best shape after losing to Richard Gasquet in the first round of ATP Cincinnati. Scottish tennis players present themselves at a level equivalent to the world’s 150th rank. In fact, Murray’s rank is now 415.

“Based on the situation of the training sessions, I think my own kicks are fine,” Murray added. “My skills are still there. I just need to improve my physical strength and speed a bit. I think I can do it.”

On 12/9, Murray confirmed attending ATP 1000 in Shanghai by special capacity. The tournament will take place from October 6-13. Murray won 22 games and lost three times here. The 32-year-old has won the championship three times in Shanghai in 2010, 2011 and 2016.

Before coming to Shanghai, Murray will return to the ATP Tour at the Zhuhai Championship, starting on September 23. He also confirmed that he will attend China Open and European Open – the tournament held in Antwerp, Belgium. The biggest goal that the three Grand Slam owners aim to be fair competition in the Australian Open 2020.