The leading sports competition in the world

The leading sports competition in the world

Sports are said to be the spiritual food of many people. Every year in the world, there are many sports activities to serve sports lovers. Among them, Olympics is the biggest sporting events in the world.


The Olympic Games is one of the largest international sporting events including competitions in both summer and winter, with thousands of different athletes all over the world registering to participate every year. competition. The symbol of the tournament consists of 5 circles with 5 different colors symbolizing 5 continents: yellow of Asia, blue of Europe, black of Africa, blue of Oceania, red of America, 5 interlocking circles symbolize the spirit of equality and solidarity among nations and continents.


The leading sports competition in the world

Olympic is a leading competition in the world with the participation of more than 200 countries. Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics will be held alternately every two years (even in even years). More than 13,000 athletes compete in 33 different sports and nearly 400 competitions. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to those who come first, second and third. During the past 50 years, the Olympics has 3 times the most costly: the summer Olympics. 1976, held in Montreal, Canada, the 1992 summer Olympics held in Barcelona, ​​Spain and the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, England.

Through an international radio company survey, there are about 19.2 to 35.8 million viewers since the early days of the Olympics were held. The Olympics has had a huge impact on the whole world, from which host countries also have more opportunities to promote their country more widely.


In each category of prizes, the prize will be awarded to the first, second and third winners, respectively, with gold, silver and bronze medals.