Volleyball Tips for Newbies (part 4)

6. Avoid passing the ball overly close to the net

For one classic error, it is passing (or bumping) your ball overly close to the net. It is sometimes called as one over bump. One over bump makes it truly hard for the setter to set the ball. Also, even if they are capable of salvaging it to get one set, the chances are that they cannot run any plays.

Not all, you may inadvertently get setting up the other team. Usually, an over bump indeed does go OVER your net – and if one player from the other team, by chance, is in the proper position, they can time a nice hit. For sure, for their team.

To stay away from over bumps, when you pass the ball, attempt to aim for about one foot off the net. Doing so gives the setter a specific room. Also, you, as the passer, will be able to leeway in your target.

7. Avoid catching the ball during one play

Well, it seems silly. Anyone knowing the volleyball rules knows that you are not meant to catch the ball. Yet, if you have been at one volleyball game before, especially one volleyball tournament, you can figure out how LOUD it is. Players are yelling, shoes are squeaking on the floor, and volleyballs are bouncing. Plus, referees on multiple courts are blowing their whistles.

So, it’s easy for one player to THINK of hearing the whistle blow and catching the ball to finish the play. Yet, if you even have one tiny little doubt regarding whether you heard one whistle blow or not, you should KEEP PLAYING! Believe us; you will look far more foolish when catching the ball during one active play than when you kept playing following the whistle blown! Keep in mind!